Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Kangaroo Appeals Court

Coming… to a board room near you… the biggest mismatch since Ali-Wepner. David vs Goliath. Since Gist/Kane vs Robbins.  

Bring your Special K (the cereal) because the kangaroos will be hungry and a hoppin.’

Come see the King squeeze the life blood (and livelihood) out of an honest citizen! Landlord Adam Peters will take on the kangaroo court made up of hand-picked cronies.

Folks… we haven’t seen a kangaroo committee like this one since… well…. the LAG Investigation led by King Baby himself.

This will be a spectacle. A modern day “Christians to the lions.”

Get your tickets now. October 17. Children under 17 not allowed (unless deposed by Leighton and attorneys for intimidation purposes).