Saturday, September 14, 2013

Yo... drunken dictator... there's a storm comin' your way

 Letter to the Newspaper:  I spoke to the landlord twice. He is not simply a good landlord... he is an awesome landlord. Far from being a slumlord... he fixed his place up so it attracted the highest rent on the block. He performed thorough checks, This woman with children had a job and a clean criminal history.

A landlord can only go so far before violating tenant laws. The official reason the house was condemned was bad batteries in smoke alarms - and even here he feels mischief took place (ie; inspector was told to remove them).

He is morally outraged to be called a slumlord and is determined to fight this not just for himself... but others who may be maligned.He is one determined guy and reminds me how I felt two years ago when cops were screaming and cursing at me at LAG Towing. He is on a mission.

Our "drunken dictator" has selective enforced this illigitimate ordinance.  NOTHING is EVER done at Sherman Hills. ... or at the slimy bars that "Downtown Tommy" likes to attend.