Monday, September 30, 2013

See for yourself… G Dessoye has cops do his dirty work

In the WBRE News clip below… you can see how Gerard Dessoye (Chief of WBOC; WB Dept of Organized Crime) puts WB cops in impossible situations. They must lie and do the exact wrong thing to please their chief.  

On April 2 of this year, Dessoye didn’t want to answer reporters about the “bribe cars” his officers were driving from LAG Towing.

(kinda looks like Dessoye)

So what did chicken little do? He had Joe Holden, Terrie Morgan-Besecker, and a photographer detained “illegally.” I say “illegally” because they had no intent to actually cite these people for "trespassing" behind the police station – nor had they EVER (YES... EVER!) cited anyone there before. (Does illegal detainment apply to cops?)

It was a ruse so “chicken little” could head out the back of the station, avoid the reporters, head home, and slip into his glass of Scotch (bourbon?). He then had the County Solicitor make a statement to cover for him (probably because Dessoye was lit up at that point... and Leighton for that matter).

Do you see from this one instance how the corrupt Gerard Dessoye quickly contaminates those around him? This is one small event. Multiply by the thousands of days he was handed the office and you can get an idea of the corruption.

It truly is mind blowing.

Oh... and who polices the police? Dessoye's brother! (Mike Dessoye; head of Luzerne County Detectives).