Friday, September 6, 2013

My father and what he loved

My father would have been 79 today. He died almost 3 years ago. I will share with you what he loved, what he couldn’t stand... all influenced by his father, Walter Robbins.  

Robbins Door and Sash was a four generation business. It was very profitable. More importantly it was a clean business. There was no “pay to play.” There were no kickbacks. Business was honest.

The workers had the chance to unionize at any time. They chose not to because of the respect and dignity my father and grandfather gave them. We are talking about a 75 year business.

(The 70's)

Like many people, my father heard rumblimgs about Civiarella and Conahan years before the story broke. My father did not like the constant badgering of Judges to attend a “250 dollar golf outing”… and feeling like he or others could be blackballed for declining.

(namesakes to my adopted twin boys: Bill Robbins and Robert Decker)

I remember going to Redskin (my dad's beloved team) games as a boy. This was a time in which race relations were still "icy." Yet my father would engage (the often) African-American taxi drivers to the extent that we knew about the drivers' families at the end of the ride. I was impressed by that and I remember to this day.

(My sons in Redskin garb)

My dad was a thoroughly decent man. He was well respected and was a member of many different boards. But my dad was best known for his generosity. This it what describes him most - GENEROUS.

I will simply provide attachments the rest of the way.
May God bless you dad like you have blessed others.
As a believer, my father is in Heaven awaiting
the time in which all believers will be given perfect, glorified bodies
that will never perish. Read the Bible. It's there.

(this took forever to take)

(My father's soul mate for the last 30 years with Billy feeding the bear)

(more pics)

(The first time my brother Donny and Dad laid eyes on our adopted twins)

(too funny not to include)

(undefeated squad... Joe Kluger will kill me for this)