Saturday, September 7, 2013

WB Trivia Pursuit! 40,000 views. Thank You!

See WB Trivia Pursuit below!

(courtesy  Citizens Voice)

During the shooting of the children on Saturday, August 24, Mayor Thomas Leighton:
A)  Ran to the scene to hug the mother
B)   Was busy preparing meals at St Paul’s Kitchen
C)   Was passing a kidney Stone
D)  Was still confessing his sins (in confessional) from the prior Sunday
E)   Couldn’t be bothered… was at a pool party... and had a nice buzz (duh!)

Chief Dessoye
A)  Has assumed a new rule as a wise old owl dispensing advice
B)   Doesn’t believe in a “hands on” approach because his hands may be dirty.
C)   Is frozen in place through the use of formaldehyde.
D)  Receives a life sustaining IV of alcohol and nutrients
E)   Any combination of C and D

There were a number of males cited the day of the shooting. Their names were:
A)  Manny, Moe, Joe, Jack, and John
B)   Luke, Mark, John, Isaiah, and Jeb
C)   Taleek, Trevor, Jevaun, Jethro, and Pugh
D)  Flea, bug, tick, spider, and larva

Sherman Hills has been left alone. No inspections, fines or evictions. This is because:
A)  The Sherman Hills owners are often on the premises as watchmen
B)   The crime at Sherman Hills is nothing compared to Barney Farms
C)   As per the Thom Greco lawsuit and “The Mines”, the Mayor and Chief don’t want to hang out with the “wrong crowd.”
D)  Sherman Hills has set the standard for racial harmony within public housing. They can police themselves!
E)   What is there about a “bag of cash” that you don’t get?

Another WB city spokesman was added because
A)  A 52 % drop in peak population was less than they had predicted.
B)   Money towards a second spokesman was deemed more important than a police officer.
C)   Leighton and Dessoye are prone to sore throats.
D)  For legal reasons… Dessoye and Leighton are to make no comments.
E)   Dessoye/Leighton needed at least two people on hand to cover for their drinking.