Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cops/ firemen more important than vacant buildings

On 9/11... will somebody remind Leighton that Cops/ firemen more important than vacant buildings

My suggestion below is for the good cops. Hopefully the “bad” ones (ones doing business with LAG) will be in prison soon or at least be fired. I would also place the steroid users/sellers in this category (yes… we know the names). Fortunately there are some cops that also stand out.

My suggestion is also for the good firemen. I actually haven’t heard anything bad about the firemen… so I will assume that they are mostly good. Yuknavich is a bad egg. But he is part of Wilkes-Barre Township.

At some point I hope this county learns that drinking, gambling, and stealing is not the path to happiness. Of course we were assured by Yuknavich that “it will be taken care of” (or something similar).

For argument’s sake… let’s assume there are 70 police and firemen who legitimately risk their lives doing their jobs and working in a city that, unfortunately, is a likely breeding ground for PTSD and other stress related ills. 

We are not talking desk jobs here. I am talking about the people who rush bleeding 2 year olds to safety and who never know which armed heroin dealer is having a particularly bad day.

I pose the following choice to our “active” public servants. Would you rather $1.3 M go to
A)  Renovating a 40 year vacant bank building on Public Square (see article in Times Leader)
B)   Give a $9,000 risk premium, for two successive years, to those who risk their lives for us.

The article states, “The costs will be paid from $1.3 million in gaming funds that city received for the building. Leighton said he hopes that by doing the work, developers will show interest.

Note how Leighton “hopes” developers will show an interest. No sure thing here.

The city is to receive $1.3 million in gaming funds that city received for the building.

Why not steer the money towards those who risk their lives?
We know one thing… when there is a will there is a way.
-         Leighton managed to steal gas for he and his family for years.
-         He funneled money to JJ Murphy at $300 per hour (through Patrick Murphy’s Philly law firm).
-         Leighton’s family has secured many city jobs (including summer)
-         He received $1,000,000 that he never told us of. The money was spent on fire trucks.
-         LAG was taken care of so well there is now a federal investigation.
-         $ 6 M in City Vest money went up in smoke (another federal investigation).
-         Leighton runs up legal fees like he does a bar tab. The amounts are staggering.

Does anyone realistically think that this money can in no way go for anything other than a building?

I for one don’t believe it. The money should go to you – the life savers of the community.

You are the one that have paid the price for not one – but two active alcoholics/addicts.

It is their addictions, unmanageability, recklessness, negligence, and grandiosity that have made this city so dangerous. I think it is fair that the money be spread out to the most deserving. You.

Believe me when I tell you - you are paying the price of their addictions. When I was working out earlier I spoke to a Psychiatrist friend of mine. He told me an alcoholic is not capable of running anything. Not their own lives, not their families, and certainly not a city. The residue of Dessoye's and Leighton's addictions are what you see before you. A dump. It is called Wilkes-Barre.