Saturday, September 7, 2013


More harassment, retribution, and intimidation from Leighton!!

See Times Leader story:

Folks... we need to support Tyler Hammond with every fiber of our being. He is a paramedic for WB. He is a good and honorable man. 

DO NOT let Leighton stoop to calling his Tyler Hammond's kids to testify!!!!
For a real estate case!!!
Leighton is nothing but an alcoholic bully. So is Dessoye. Their bullying is bankrupting the city. Don't believe me? Read on...

Leighton, in this case, is using the law firm of Elliott & Greenleaf

Attorney John ("Jack")  G. Dean (is he the guy deposing Tyler Hammond's kids?)
(570) 346-7569

For more info... see

I wrote Attorney Dean this message:

Hello Attorney Dean

Can you please explain why it is necessary to depose the children of Tyler Hammond?
Is this a standard procedure for what is a real estate case?
Is this standard procedure for your law firm (Elliott and Greenleaf)?

    Thank You   Mark Robbins

Rosen Jenkins and Greenwald (RJG) has acted as the "city's law firm." Leighton has used them like a limitless credit card. RJG was the biggest campaign contributor to Leighton (~ $41,000).

RJG could earn as much as $400,000 representing the city in the "shock and awe" campaign to close down Thom Greco's "The Mines."  See my July 14 entry...   YOU ARE PAYING FOR THIS!!

Give $41,000.  
Get at least a total of $600,000 - $1,000,000 (probably way more... need to do a Right to know). 

RJG profits when Leighton screws up or when he bullies someone and gets sued. Again, taxpayers foot the entire bill.

You are picking up the legal fees for Leighton who cannot conduct himself honorably.
YOU were on the hook for legal fees against Denise Carey (tried to save fire station).
YOU are on the hook for these legal fees with Tyler Hammond.
YOU are on the hook for the legal fees figting Thom Greco. 

If you add the two county attorneys (for Greco case) the grand total could easily exceed $1,000,000. And this doesn't count the Parking Authority handout:
$300 per hour for JJ Murphy (consultant... but not disclosed)
$400 per hour for Rothschild
$??? to Rosen Jenkins and Greenwald

Cops lied when I first got involved in the mess of a city (LAG Towing)I literally took a polygraph to clear my name so I could be heard.

Leigton and Dessoye are not sane men. They need to be "restored to sanity." STOP BEING POLITE. Shove their asses into rehab. I am not joking.