Wednesday, September 25, 2013

WB Police intimidation continues

A day in the life of WB Dept of Organized Crime  (WBOC).

Chief of WB Organized Crime Gerard Dessoye apparently is deluded into thinking that I am the one responsible
for his:
1) Relation with a heroin addict and the "mother" of a heroin house
2) His blanket condoning of bribes taken left and right
3) His fostering and total complicity in the LAG scam that hurt the poorest of the poor and those who could not defend themselves.
4) His addiction to alcohol (ans perhaps narcotics).
5) Not getting the cushy state job he wanted. The problem is, Gerard, is that others see what we see. 

So much could be accomplished if you got help for what ails you. But you are too darn stubborn. I asked you two years ago and you still are not in recovery. 

You see... I am responsible for all of this and there is no personal responsibility on his part. Mark Robbins from Forty Fort is to blame. So let's go after him. It won't look fishy.

I will share a secret with you Dessoye. The Feds didn't raid you because you are doing things the right way. They raided you - not me!

I am one of the few people who actually took time to help victims... some black... some elderly.... some neither. I lent moral support and some I gave cash to replace their stolen or smashed cars. This is the villain they are after!

Dessoye and Leighton in their hazy minds can only see what they can get... not what they can give.

They continue to try and intimidate me. What is sad is they have others do the work for them (otherwise the cops will be blacklisted or fired).

So keep coming at me Dessoye while unsolved murders remain that way. It would be a Hail Mary if you actually won a case... and I will still be right here.

I will copy again below just part of what I received in the mail... and WB's finest is charging me with harrassment.

The Marty Kane "request for recusal letter" will be spicy (and I will share it with you, the readers, soon).