Friday, September 20, 2013

Corruption ultimately comes with a human price tag

When crazy ordinances are passed, and laws are not enforced by officials, and intimidation is used to get one’s way… danger ensues. Why? Because, collectively… citizens cannot take living under a double standard forever.

Who is at risk? In my opinion it is the police because they are least insulated.

What if….
1)    A landlord provides “blowback” to the Strike One Ordinance?
2)    Using the Thom Greco example… what if he (or someone like him) felt the need to protect his rights as so 30 cops show up to scare away the customers?
3)    A citizen has simply had enough when their children are deposed over a real estate deal?

The Strike One Ordinance is insane. Except in extreme cases (non-stop traffic going into house), the ONLY way to adhere to it is to
A)  Break laws that protect tenants
B)   Take a chance and falsely accuse someone and run the chance of a lawsuit.

Double standards:
1)    Leighton gets the courtesy of a cop ride home when he is wasted… this slays me. How about letting him suffer the consequences of a DUI at least once? It would be the best thing for him.
2)    The petty thief gets thrown in jail but there are no consequences for stealing (collectively) over $60,000 in gas. Theft is theft. (Anything ever happen to the female attorney who was double and triple billing? Nothing. COMPLETE DOUBLE STANDARD. The message is clear:  "Attorneys are above the law.")

Wilkes-Barre is a city that is poor. It’s dirty. It has a high rate of addiction (sellers aren’t selling to no one). It is an angry city. And it is all our problem because it will spread (been to Main St in Edwardsville?)

When the corrupt officials throw fuel on the fire… you aren’t doing the police any good. In fact you are endangering them. They don’t have the comfort of 4th floor offices, Barney Farms, and “thatta boy Mayor” (pronounced with an alcoholic slur) bars. They have to face it. Head on. This message has been lost in the haze that Leighton lives in.

Lastly, I copy below an editorial that I believe has a lot of merit. The topic? Bribes