Thursday, July 30, 2015

Anatomy of a Salavantis LIE

Here is Cit Voice cover for 07/30/15 It says: Devastated mother says justice system 

failed her son, whose alleged killer faced felony assault charges in January until 

police withdrew them in March. Page 4

Salavantis is taking lessons from Leighton. Not only does she lie... but she drags people in with her. In this case it is the WBPD police. 

picture and some text provided by Citizens Voice
A) Hahlil Brathwaite shoots into a car with 5 people
B) At prelim hearing... these charges were withdrawn

1.   felony charge of aggravated assault  
2.   misdemeanor charges of recklessly endangering another person
3.   terroristic threats
4.   simple assault were withdrawn.

... only a Misdemeanor remains!

3) Brathwaite murders Jason Canty

Who shoots into a car of 5 people and is allowed on the street!!

THE LIE    Through a spokeswoman, Police Chief Robert Hughes initially claimed the DA’s office had signed off on the move to drop the charges. 

- Salavantis disputed that version of events — saying her office didn’t learn the aggravated assault charge was dropped until weeks after the preliminary hearing. 

1) Essentially Salavantis is calling Chief Hughes a liar. What Hughes said was true and Salavantis is covering up for her incompetence. The fact that she would claim to admit to not know about these serious charges would make her:
A) At best incompetent
B) At worst a scheming liar.

2) Note that the WB Spokesman never claims the WBPD Officer willfully dropped the chargeson his own. The statement only reads that he acted "appropriately" (by following the DA's orders).

3) Brathwaite's defense atty said the charges being dismissed was part of a deal (with the DA) whereupom only a Misdemeanor would be carried to the Courthouse.