Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Jonathon Ballester stabbed to death... another cold (closed) case from our DA

I knew Jonathon Ballester. I often went to the same church. Back Moutain Harvest Assembly. I spent a Memorial Day at the home he was murdered in.

DA Stefanie Salavantis knew him as well. Ballester, a staunch Republican, helped Salavantis get signatures for her DA run.

The murder of Ballester created a lot of chatter in the community as he was well known through his family business of Ballester Optical. I was told he was stabbed 60 times. Vicious.

The murder happened on Jackie Musto Carroll's watch and logically flowed into Salavantis' term. Then the case was closed. Why? How can such a violent death leave no evidence. It was stunning. Was someone paid off?

See Citizens Voice article  HERE

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