Thursday, July 30, 2015

DA Salavantis and her part in recent murder

Lies from Salavantis should suprise no one. The latest saga has her trying to throw a WBPD officer "under the bus" by lying and saying the DA office did not sign off on the withdrawal of charges against Khalil Brathwaite.

From Citizens Voice: Mother wonders why her son's alleged killer was set free. See link HERE

Why were charges withdrawn?
1   felony charge of aggravated assault  
2   misdemeanor charges of recklessly endangering another person
3   terroristic threats
4   simple assault were withdrawn.

The Officer was told to drop charges: From article: 

(1) Through a spokeswoman, police Chief Robert Hughes initially claimed the DA’s office had signed off on the move to drop the charges. ( He would not make an initial claim were it not true). 

(2) The officer (in another article) would not say why charges were withdrawn (obviously covering for Salavantis). 

(3) Brathwaite’s defense attorney in the case said the charges being dismissed was part of a plea deal that called for Brathwaite to plead guilty to the weapon discharge offense in the Court of Common Pleas. This implies the DA was involved.     SALAVANTIS IS NOT TELLING THE TRUTH. 

Khalil Brathwaite
TIMELINE Jan 2015   Khalil Brathwaite tries to choke a female. He opens fire on a car with numerous people.

Few months later   At Preliminary Hearing... DA office inexplicably withdraws all but one charge.
Last weekend   Khalil Brathwaite, not in jail where he should be, shoots the much loved Jason Canty in the head and murders him.