Tuesday, July 14, 2015

DA SALAVANTIS: Have you forgotten the death of Becca McCallick?

After two years since her death, friends of Becca McCallick want answers from our insanely incompetent DA - Stefanie Salavantis

Becca McCallick

See story from Citizen's Voice HERE  (Alleged confession)

Daniel Loughnane... Driver of truck. Owner of Liam's Bar and returning from strip club rhat night.


Is Salavantis completely outmatched by Loughnane's attorney? Former DA Peter Paul Olszewski... who also represents Salavantis's BFF (best friend forever) - Thomas Leighton.

Becca McCallick

 Salavantis (below) is over her head and needs to resign. 

She is like the high school substitute teacher that everyone takes advantage of. She has no respect and no gravitas. She describes herself as an "administrator." The DA office is a pathetic patchwork of Asst DA's who also have private practices. It is held togetheher ny bandaids and scotch tape... with conflicts and corruption eveywhere. 

It is for this reason the homicides fall between the cracks, It is an outrage and make sure that Salavabtis NEVER sees another term. The child must go !!!

Becca McCallick