Friday, July 31, 2015

Two more unsolved murders... two in critical... GAR and Heights Elementary shut down

Leaderership matters. At last count there are 12 unsolved murders on DA Salavantis's watch.

A city also falls apart when its Mayor (Leighton) and former Chief (G Dessoye) are two of the town drunks.

Jan 2013:  3 men shot within 24 hours. 2 dead (Scott St) and one was in critical condition. Then another man was shot at the funeral (critical condition). Sources say that one of the WBPD drank with Leroy Smith who was murdered and left behind 5 children.

Salavantis and her "bff" (best friend forever) Leighton speak. Crime Watch Pres Charlotte Raup speaks as well.

Another shooting at funeral home

deceased  Jamal Martin  age 20

deceased Leroy Smith age 42

Leroy Smith with two of his five children