Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Family ands friends of Becca McCallick... don't stay silent!

You are paying the $160,000 salary of the woman whose "Daddy and company" paid hundreds of thousands for false ads that help her lie and get into office. Why has Becca been ignored?

Salavantis is cunning, dishonest, and woefully incompetent. She is cheating you by NEVER trying a case like all other DA's in the state. The honorable thing would be for her to resign. Call her and tell her you want her out:

Stefanie J. Salavantis, "Administrator"
Luzerne County District Attorney
200 North River St.
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711
Phone: (570) 825-1674
Fax: (570) 825-1572

Background: The drunken (Loughnane) that killed Becca McCalick has the same attorney that Leighton has (Peter Paul Olszewski). It seems that Peter Paul has cast a spell over our child DA.

How has Leighton been treated? Like her "bff" (best friend forvever... represents her maturity level).
A) They have met privately with Leighton while he was being investigated.
B) She let Leighton and the city off (not even malfeasance) for theft of gas worth almost $1/4 million.
C) Shen then hires Leighton's spokesman (Drew McLaughlin).
D) Here is the hug she gave Leighton's cousinn (WBPD Chief Dessoye during the gas gate investigation.

It is obvious that "little Miss Administrator" is star struck by being opposed by a (real) former DA Peter Paul Olszewski. 

Where on earth does she stand?

Young Mr. Letteer drunkenly kills Kevin Miller: Salavantis is a bleeding heart

A) The case of Becca McCalick has become a dead case?
B) She previously has shown her corruption in the case below

We cannot get rid Salavantis fast enough. Her promotional video is already full of lies. Dump her in November. In memory of Becca McCallick...

This must stop.  (for more on Becca scroll below)