Sunday, July 19, 2015

DA Salavantis... Laurie Merritt's family needs closure

Laurie Merritt and daughter (Cit Voice)

In what has become "par for the course" for our DA... Stefanie Salavantis has let another case fall into the "rat hole." It has been 15 months since the presumed arson murder of Laurie Merritt. The word on the street is that the perpertrator is pretty obvious to the dullest of detectives.

Folks, Salavantis is paid $160,000 as the county's top law enforcement official. There are many more homicides that have not been resolved. Make no mistake - her incompetence deeply hurts the grieving families left behind.

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Hit and run 2 years ago (unsolved)...  Becca McCallick

From Citizens Voice on anniversary of probable homicide of Laurie Merritt. "Balloons were released into the cloudy sky and quickly scattered in all directions by swirling winds as the crowd watched in silence. A few quietly murmured justice.”

After the vigil, Kristin Merritt said she was happy with the turnout in honor of her mother, but added it did not provide her family with needed peace“There won’t be any closure until we know who did this,” she said.

See Citizens Voice article HERE

1) Please read comments after article: "Even a monkey could figure this out."
2) Salavantis is still monkeying with "Apple phone records?"
3)  According to comments... Laurie Merritt's ex-boyfriends's son is a member of WBPD. AND THEY ARE DOING INVESTIGATION?  

WBPD Shawn Yelland w Salvantis's bff (Leighton); son of Merritt's ex-boyfriend

Once again, law enforcement is completely undisciplined with conflicts everywhere. This all falls on the DA Salavantis. 

She needs to be disciplining and not huggimg the Chief. She is a disgrace and needs to resign. Her negligence is causing immeasurable pain to family and friends of victims.