Friday, July 17, 2015

Salavantis' protected list

Luzerne County DA Salavantis is the consumate people pleaser and it is killing justice in our area. She has sold her soul.

Apparently she will review a trifling campaign finance error made by Tony George.  See Times Leader article HERE   Anonymous source? Really?

This will be done before the case of the well connected Jared Kane and the fraud he perpetrated?

Stefanie... listen up... Here is a real tip from a guy named Mark Robbins (of LAG Towing fame).

Leighton has received kickbacks from Sherman Hills. George Brown knows this as well. I know that he knows. (Lightweight Cartwright put them on the Sherman Hills Task force.) Are you going you investigate that?

It is interesting to note that after Salavantis found no wrongdoing in the theft of $200,000 in gas... she then hired Leighton's spokesman (Drew McLaughlin). Nice move.

The job is too big for Salavantis. Her people pleasing has fed her corruption. Out DA office is a mess. She is star struck.

DO NOT FEEL SORRY FOR HER. She makes $160,000 and lied to get into office. She is not remotely qualified. People have to do her job which means were are paying $160,000 for an administrator. We really have no idea who is calling the shots.

"Protected" list
- Leighton
- Leighton cronies
- Last name of Dessoye (Gerard Dessoye should legitimately be in   jail for 10 plus years with his relationship and protection of his heroin honey)
- Kanes (Marty is seen drinking in the AM with the Ninotti's)
- Certain clients of Asst DA Sam Sanguedolce's firm Caverly/Shea/Phillips/Rogers 
- Clients of former DA Peter Paul Olszewski
,,, and I am sure this is a small fraction

WHAT NOW?   Once corrupted you cannot clean yourself. There are too many dirty threads. She must be voted out in November. I will likely be filing a complaint to the ethics board that I will post.

Upcoming... all the unsolved murders that have been "left for dead."