Monday, July 20, 2015

Dust in the wind: What local murder victims are to our DA

Correction: I have been told that the officer in the previous post is Kevin Kovakowski and not Officer Yelland. Either way - neither officer has been implicated in any way with what happened to Laurie Merritt. Thank you

Our DA and her crack staff of detectives can't solve this murder either. 97 year old lady. But Salavantis is capable of removing a woman from a blighted home. Good for her. Priorities? Salvantis lied to get into office and is the "head coach." She needs to be fired. This is embarrassing. Her office is worse than a rendition of the Keystone Cops. But there is nothing funny to the family and friends of murdered victims.

Police: Woman beaten to death in random home invasion

NANTICOKE — A 97-year-old woman was killed in an apparently random home-invasion robbery on Thanksgiving night, according to state police.

See entire article and video  HERE

Yesterday's feautured unsolved murder victim Laurie Merritt

Other unsolved murder victim Becca McCallick (there are more)