Monday, July 27, 2015

Salaries of DA Salavantis ($172,000) and staff

(2013   Standard Speaker)

$172,271 Stefanie Salavantis, district attorney 

A staggering amount, given:

1) The number of unsolved murders (at least 12)
2) The skyrocketing crime and murder rate
3) She has not prosecuted a single case
4) According to her own words... I AM AN ADMINISTRATOR! (LA Tarone radio show)
5) Filed no charges against Leighton (not even malfeasance) in the theft of WB city gas (77.000 gallons)

Some attorneys work in other law practices
$97,860, Michael J. Dessoye, detective (appointed by Salavantis despite conflict with WBPD chief Gerard Dessoye... cousin to Leighton)

    - Both Dessoyes covered for the LAG criminal empire
    - Both Dessoyes presumably covered for protected drug house run by G Dessoye's "heroin honey."

NOTE: Detectives use a gimmick to get paid way more than their salary. They all schedule themselves during the day... so when most murders occur at night... they pick up huge over time. Their shifts should be staggered. Another form of corruption in my opinion.

$93,543, Gary W. Sworen, detective
$93,543, Daniel G. Yursha, detective
$92,317, Richard G. Capitano, detective
$91,500, Deborah Parker, detective
$87,099, Sam Sangueldoce, first assistant district attorney
$86,272, Christopher D. Lynch, detective
$84,703, Larry D. Fabian, detective
$72,425, James L. McMonagle Jr., assistant district attorney
$62,930, Dan Becky, detective
$59,251, Charles J. Balogh, detective
$57,252, Alexis Falvello, deputy district attorney
$56,503, James P. Noone, detective
$52,286, Jenny P. Roberts, assistant district attorney
$52,284, Maureen Collins, assistant district attorney
$52,284, Shannon L. Crake, assistant district attorney
$52,284, Jillian Matthews, assistant district attorney
$52,284, Frank T. McCabe, assistant district attorney
$49,283, William J. Dunn Jr., assistant district attorney