Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Governor Tom Wolf: Remove our District Attorney

Our DA Stefanie Salavantis reports to Governor Tom Wolf. It is time she be removed, Her incompetence and corruption has led (see below) to preventable deaths and a justice system that people no longer trust. 

A certified letter will be sent to Wolf addressing Salavantis's gross negligence, incompetence, and corruption. A copy will be sent to the Disciplinary Board. I will post on this blog when finished. 

Salavantis is the head law enforcement officer and Luzerne County justice has fallen into the hands of the corrupt.

Civiarella/Conahan/Powell/Mericle = Salavantis/Dessoyes/Leighton/Kane and others

The crimes are different... but the pain is as intense for family members of the many murdered victims in the area and the lack of resolution that defies belief. 

The DA office has become a corrupt cesspool. What cases are disapproved? Depends upon who you know. I know for a fact that DUI's and aggravated assaults have been thrown out or reduced. The wheel of justice grinds slowly as at least 12 murders remain unsolved. Does anyone actually think that "Gas Gate? (w/Leighton) was nothing but a massive cover-up? It is laughable to see Salavantis "talk tough" with thieves who are guilty of a fraction of what Leighton stole.

And how long will Salavantis cover for Jared Kane? How long can that forgery investigation possibly take?

Weekend Murder:  Khalil Brathwaite shot Jason Canty in the head. Canty was a beloved 32 year old man. 


On WILK his mother, daughter, wife, and employer called in to express their shock and sadness. Why was a 19 year old who fired at a car of 5 people walking the streets? Because our DA is completely undisciplined. All the charges were dropped right under her nose. A diligent DA would disallow ANY CHARGES to be dropped if a deadly weapon is used. This should be common sense policy. See charges that were dropped below.

(Citizens Voice) Prior criminal history of weekend murderer:
19 year old Brathwaite, a 2014 graduate of GAR High School, found himself in handcuffs earlier this year when he allegedly opened fire on a car full of people outside of his Brown Street home.

Charges stemmed from the incident on Jan. 9 in which he was involved in a domestic dispute with his girlfriend, Brea Seabrook.
According to court documents, police said he choked Seabrook after an argument, which resulted in a search party for Brathwaite by the victim’s brother and four other men.

During the search, contact was made between the parties when Brathwaite told the victim’s brother to stay away and threatened to shoot them, police said. The five men agreed to turn around, but not before Brathwaite fired a shot at the vehicle they were driving, according to police. There were no reported injuries.
Brathwaite was released from the Luzerne County Correctional Facility on Feb. 3 after a professional bondsman posted $30,000 bail.

In a March preliminary hearing it that case, a felony charge of aggravated assault and misdemeanor charges of recklessly endangering another person, terroristic threats and simple assault were withdrawn.