Thursday, July 16, 2015

See video of KIDS FOR CASH on "American Greed" show

Stephen Urban, Joe Noone, Mericle, Powell, Civiarella, Conahan, Muroski, Sandy Fonzo, Ecenbarger and others on American Greed.

Watch Video HERE       2 parts... go to minute 23:14

NY Times story of KIDS FOR CASH HERE

What I have noticed is Peter Paul Olszewski seems to have the magic touch. Consider:

Leighton amidst all the corruption stands untouched. His forner spokesman now works in the DA office. His alleged attorney? Olszewski. Loughnane runs over and kills Becca McCallick. Loughnane  remains untouched.

KIDS FOR CASH  Olszewski, former DA, (from book) gave Civiarella quick support for his get tough stance saying it would be a deterrent. "I think it is going to have an effect because word is spreading."

Olszewski then met with the corrupt gang in Florida where the yacht "Reel Justice" was docked. Does anybody believe that Olszewski was too dumb to figure out that there was corruption going on? Can a former DA be that clueless?

56 foot yacht   Reel Justice

Sam Sangedolce (who is our effective DA; hired by Salavantis to do her job): He worked in Civiarella's court room where the incarcerartion rate was 10 times the state average and most kids had no representation. He wondered about it but did nothing. Nice leadership.

Sallie Musto Carroll was pilloried by Salavantis for her alleged role in Kids for Cash in TV ads. This is how Salavantis won. So what did Salavantis do? She offered Musto Carroll a job. I kid you not.

Meanwhile... Leo Glodzik who is supposed to be in jail is galavanting around town. Is this considered work release?

The wheels have fallen off in our DA Office.

                         Salavantis: Edwardsville Pierogie Judge