Friday, March 28, 2014

And no one will get him help...

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WAKE UP WILKES-BARRE (another blog) has made a retraction. WAKE UP WILKES-BARRE received "sincere" feedback involving attendees at Dessoye's booze party at the police station (St Patty's Day). But it was inaccurate. Nobody associated with the  DA office was present.

City Council said they will look into the matter (don't hold your breath) regarding the "party itself."

Looking at the behavior of Dessoye from a alcoholic/disease standpoint... several things stand out.

Unmanagability and insanity of the disease:

Good idea to host at police station? NO

Good idea to be drinking in middle of day? NO

Is it fun to drink with a known alcoholic(s)? NO Totally depressing

Would Dessoye (and other cops) be ready to respond to an emergency? NO

Is there a higher likelihood of an emergency on a drinking holiday? YES

What does it say about one's emotional state to have a drinking party 6 days after the passing of a long time veteran employee (Jim Payne of credit union)? Not much. It shows that Dessoye is completely numb... another symptom of the disease.

Trust me... his kids are suffering because of this.

And no one will help him get help.