Sunday, March 16, 2014

St Patty Parade - Turn your backs on Leighton

See CV News editorial at this LINK  regarding W-B corruption.

KNOW SOMETHING?   Call Scranton FBI at (570) 344-2404 OR E-MAIL Scranton FBI

The agents I have spoken to were courteous, professional, and have kept their promises. Promises include confidentiality. There is no downside if you have something important to say and don't want your city to fall further into the cesspool of corruption.

OK, back to the parade....
  Turn your backs or at least show up late! 

   By showing up late... you will miss the primary ring of corruption. Leighton, Dessoye, Bob Hughes (links to LAG) etc... as well as the Leighton crony drinking establishments which can be traced to murders, assaults, and represented the destination of the driver who killed the 5 year old boy!

 This is who the city salutes!! What class!

   Leighton has his brother, sister-in-law, daughter, and cousins in the parade. This includes Gerard Dessoye and the sycophant solicitor, Bill Vinsko.

Times Leader parade roster:   LINK

   In another act of classless act... there appears to be no recognition of the death of Jim Payne and and no respect for the grieving wife and the grieving Payne and Macko (maiden name) families. Cathy Macko Payne's co-workers will be happily be parading like nothing has happened. 

   Looks like Cathy Payne is being thrown under the bus. Sickos!

   The willful oversight of this tragedy has drawn the attention of many. Fortunately, we have a strong state police force and FBI and I am sure that if "people" have questions - then they do as well all the way down to who was called first about this tragedy. Things don't add up.

  Back to the parade... You do NOT need to turn your backs to these folks below. These are the solutions and not the problems. And certainly cheer on the high schoolers and other paticipants.

      Area law enforcement officials/agencies
Local elected officials
a. Sen. John Yudichak
b. U.S. Rep. Matt Cartwright
c. U.S. Rep. Lou Barletta
d. Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski
e. Rep. Phyllis Mundy