Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Board of Directors: WB Credit Union

Current news from Citizen's Voice... Sean Quinn, the director of the FBI's Scranton office: 

~  "I am asking that any citizen, elected official or city employee of any type who wants to do the right thing and share information about anything related to crime or corruption within the city or county to call us," Quinn said. "If you want to do something, the pathway is to call us."
~  "The number for the Scranton FBI office is 570-344-2404."

~  "People who are under the thumb of corruption, we're asking those people to be the ones to help clean up," Quinn said.

~  "The FBI office can protect the identities of people who provide information," Quinn said.

~  "There will be arrests forthcoming."

~   "Most people who have information are people who work in a position where they feel their job is threatened if they speak up," he said. "I want to stress keeping identities secret. The only people we approach in a public way are targets. We don't treat cooperators that way. Those are the people we owe cases to - citizens and FBI agents."

~   "I don't attribute it (Payne's suicide) to the investigation but I attribute it to corruption."

~   "These things take time. We have evidence that is solid and we are going to move forward for sure, but these are small pieces of the puzzle," Quinn said. "The overall puzzle is a wide thread of corruption across a wide swath of government."

For more... follow this link...   Citizens Voice LINK

Board of Directors after picture below

(In city hall... the day after employee committed suicide)

 See picture (courtesy TL).  Aint it grand that Leighton is so cheerful the day after a long time city hall employee killed himself?.... and the rest of the "grand marshals?"

The fact that they would pose for this nonsense (with gleeful smiles) is reprehensible. The deceased body is still warm. Alcohol drives people to the point they become disassociated with reality. It appears Leighton is at this point. I can't speak for the other dimwits that posed for this charade.

Go out and cheer... cheer... cheer for the drunken mayor! Wa hoo!  Will the wife be sponsoring a "Pub crawl?"

Board of Directors (This is dated... Please someone send me current!!)

W-B City Employees Federal Credit Union

TITLE                                      NAME
Board Member                        Bill Brace  (no longer on board)
Board Sec; Treasurer              Christopher Buchanon

Board Member                        Sean Chandler
Vice Chaiperson                      Alfred Cibello

Board Member                        Arthur Kemmerer
Board Member                        Phillip Latinski

Board Member                        Richard Muessig
Manager / CEO                       James Payne

Chairperson                             George Soltis 
Board Member                        Benedict Victor  (deceased)

Sole Contractor; Appraiser     CA Leighton Co. (Tom Leighton)
Credit union attorney                 Dominick P. Pannunzio

Source:  http://www.usacreditunions.com/wilkes-barre-city-employees-federal-credit-union-14074/board-of-directors

VIVA DA Office!  "Sala sangue vantis dolce"

(praise to DA for humbly getting assistance)

Message to: Law Enforcement

People cannot take any more corruption. 


The reality is that enough favors can be given out so that ultimately the corrupt infrastructure has the "numbers"
to subsist.

dirty magistrates
to corrupt Mayors
to profligate police chiefs
to "no show" workers collecting salaries
to certain street level cops helping LAG fleece the public
to solicitors who can only look the other way
to crooked city council members
to selective enforcement against city critics.

Possibly the most humble, mature, cogent decision
the DA has made is to get help from FBI, US ATTY etc...

This is a key time for Wilkes-Barre and those 
who they infestate (like other cities) with corruption