Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Questions that need to be asked

If there is one thing we can safely say, trouble seems to follow WBPD Officer Tino Ninotti. I will ask questions and you can answer privately to your selves.

1) Why would Ninotti (on disability I am told) engage in a ferocious shouting match (at credit union) with Jim Payne the day Payne took his life?

2) Why were they arguing for hours (so I am told)?

3) Payne and Ninotti were supposedly good friends. Why didn't Ninotti attend any of the funeral activities?

4) What is the link between the credit union and cops driving a Mercedes Benz, a Ford Mustang, a Dodge Ram, and about 10 other cars that Glodzik said "he gave to his friends."

5) Was the money to pay for these beautiful vehicles secured by cars that Glodzik had stolen (essentially making the loans unsecured because many that LAG stole had little value)?

6)  Were payment schedules honored? Or were they ignored turning these deals into nothing but fraud and theft?

7)  What did Ninotti drive of Glodzik's?

8) Why did the chiropractor in story below accuse Tino Ninotti of ruining his business? WHAT BUSINESS? It certainly isn't the chiropractor business. Is it the illegal distribution of steroids?

For what it's worth... Tom Harding who is mentioned in the story is a class act. I wish all police were like him.

Man charged with offering money to kill police officer Ninotti

February 19. 2013 3:55AM


WILKES-BARRE - A Dallas man was charged Monday morning on allegations he offered to pay an officer money to kill another officer, according to arrest records.

Chiropractor Joseph Nagui Michael, 39, of Country Club Apartments, was charged with a single count of terroristic threats. He was released without bail. Chiropractor Joseph Michael had accused Office Tino Ninotti of "ruining his business."
According to the criminal complaint: 

Joseph Michael, a chiropractor with an office on South Main Street,contacted city police Officer Thomas Harding on Nov. 27 wanting to know the whereabouts of Officer Tino Ninotti. Joseph 

Michael told Harding he was upset with Ninotti and was driving around with firearms looking for Ninotti, the criminal complaint says.Michael called Harding a second time, according to the criminal complaint, and offered Harding $10,000 to deliver Ninotti's head in a bag to Kirby Park so (Michael) could play soccer with it. 

Michael called Harding a third time, offering $20,000 and $30,000 to kill Ninotti, the criminal complaint says. Michael is described in the criminal complaint as a mutual friend of several police officers of the Wilkes-Barre Police Department.In an unrelated case, Michael was also charged with writing a bad check to Ninotti's brother, Dino Ninotti. Police said in the criminal complaint that Michael asked Dino to cash a $2,500 check on Oct. 29.

Dino cashed the check at Wilkes-Barre City Employees Federal Credit Union that was returned due to insufficient funds.When Dino attempted to contact Michael to retrieve the money that was withdrawn from his account, Michael sent him a disturbing text message.A preliminary hearing is tentatively scheduled for Dec. 17 in Central Court.