Friday, March 14, 2014

As Jim Payne is laid to rest, Leighton resorts to name calling

According to Times Leader (Saturday)  Link to story

1) "You’re listening to a bunch of goofs,” Leighton said (referring to Bob Kadluboski and Frank Sorick).

2) Leighton told the reporter that negative stories are not written about Sorick and Kadluboski because they provide news tips.... (Times Leader wrote that Neither Kadluboski nor Sorick hold public office).

Did you ever think they wouldn't be "news tips" if there wasn't something behind them? 

Mayor Leighton, you have created your own headlines by overseeing what will be revealed as one of the biggest corruption racquets since, well, Kids for Cash. I am confident that a Federal Grand Jury and an FBI Probe into GAS GATE, CREDIT UNION FRAUD, and CARS FOR CASH will ultimately fall into your lap.

Would you like to make a Gentleman’s bet?

Posted on TL site: I've seen this appraiser (Leighton) come in $100,000 higher for a buddy during a divorce. Speaking of goofs, this goof held on to the appraisal for two years and tried to submit it while on the stand without ever letting the other party know. Talk about conspiracy.

The Beginning




This is all about getting poor people back in their cars so they can care for their families. How many people have lost jobs because their cars were commandeered? Profits are being made off the backs of the backs of the poorest, most vulnerable, and most defenseless citizens.

The city is willfully and knowingly breaking their written contract with L.A.G. Towing. This grievously harms the public. Due to illegal predatory pricing (2-3 times normal rate), towed cars have been, in effect, stolen and later sold.

Would a city knowingly break its contract and allow these obscene prices to exist if they didn’t stand to benefit? Of course not. Would they arbitrarily favor a Tow owner who tried to head-butt a cop in September? Of course not. 
There is money involved. This is why there must be an 

Simply put - where are these hundreds of thousands of dollars going?

cc’d… or to be cc’d: FBI - Scranton and Philadelphia Division; Pa Office of Inspector General; IRS - Criminal Investigation Division; Office of the Governor; Pa Senators and Representatives; State Attorney’s Office; Luzerne County DA and Assistant DA’s; Chiefs of Police – other jurisdictions; Luzerne County Judicial Candidates; Selected Federal Judges including Richard Caputo; Luzerne County Commissioners; Local Magistrates and Judges; Major Local Law Firms; County officials; WILK radios’ Mike Corbett and Sue Henry; Citizen’s Voice; Times Leader; ACLU, NAACP others as per my discretion