Sunday, March 23, 2014

Why is LAG moving cars at night?

Thank you for those people who reported that LAG Towing is moving cars from his tow yard at very late hours! Red Flags are waving. However, don't just post on Facebook. Let the FBI know. (I will forward this to them).

The FBI has asked for your help!

FBI  (570) 344-2404  OR

Sadly, please do not call the Wilkes-Barre police as many of them have been conspirators with LAG. This starts at the top with Chief Gerard Dessoye who tries to "put barriers between himself " and the legal crimes and crimes of conscience he has committed. He surrounds himself with many of the top conspirators in the scam. 

The good news for the honest police is the sand is running out on Dessoye/Leighton's hour glass. 

Hang in there. The rewards will be rich. 

Things will be different in 18 months (at the latest).