Thursday, March 20, 2014



DRUNK-SOY:  Harrummpphh  Poor me, poor me, pour me a drink   Harrummpphh  (perhaps an oxy?... see note at bottom)

HIS HIGH-NESS:  Where's the bar crawl? Hey... I only pull two cops off their beat at 2 AM so I can get home!  One for me. One for the Escalade. I pay nothing!!

THE WEASEL:  "My responsibility is to rub out crimes of cronies and to toss out those that disagree with me at City council. Other than that I have no comment on anything else that matters. My boyish Mustang compensates for a lot."

Why wouldn't Leo take payment for Senta Boyer's car below?
Was there a crooked loan taken out on it?

NOTE: This blog is meant to be amusing, entertaining, and informative. This is done to make a point. But I want to soberly address the very serious topic of addiction as it relates to Gerard Dessoye. My presumptions are based on evidence and witness testimony. Police officers, TV reporters, and print journalists have confided in me of Dessoye's addictions. "Harder proof" exists in the stack of police complaints levied against 252 McLean St. where Catherine Meehan lived. When you read the stack of complaints - with no arrests made - one can conclude the house was protected. Gerard Dessoye would meet up with Catherine Dessoye - a known heroin and pain pill user/dealer. She also spent time in jail for attempted murder. This is the company our chief keeps.

Everybody likes denial. It has people feel safe. And it avoids confrontation. I hope that Dessoye has somehow made a remarkable recovery. I have heard nothing to that effect. I did what I thought was right more than 2 years ago when I alerted his Doctor, the Mayor, The city solicitor, and Dessoye himself about these issues. 

The response? A typical one for any active addict. He retaliated. He threatened me with trespassing. He would later press charges against me for trespassing behind the police station (for taking picture of a LAG loaner/briber truck). I was the only one in the history of the city to be cited for this. More recently, I have received 26 disgusting and lewd letters at my home. The WBPD is claiming that I was harassing the alleged sender when I called her up and suggested she get counseling. 2 minutes and 35 seconds. A jury trial for this. No foul words as attested by the officer that spoke with her that night. Only in Wilkes-Barre. I really mean this... only in Wilkes-Barre.

Dessoye has used his power as chief to resort to juvenile tactics. Rather than help himself he tries to hurt his rightful accusers. It is sad and pathetic. Just like active drug addicts are known to be.

He is dead center in the midst of the LAG towing contract. He laid out these beauties:
"I have no need for LAG records (other than the contract? ... and an auto theft ring?)"
"I can't stop my cops from taking loaner cars (aka bribes)."

I have immense sympathy for recovering addicts/alcoholics who at least try. I have very little sympathy for those who don't. Dessoye - you are a 'wuss for not even trying. You are not brave. You are a coward. If there is any chief of police who deserves prison it is you. The pain you have inflicted on the people of Wilkes-Barre is incalculable. Almost all of the corruption either starts in your office or runs through it. Maybe you can reflect on the damage you've done when you are forced to get clean behind bars.

I am forwarding this message to the FBI.