Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Headlines we'd like to see!

HEADLINE WE'D LIKE TO SEE: Drew McLaughlin and Liza Prokof have resigned out of frustration in Wilkes-Barre. McLaughlin said, "You can only lie so much before you start to wonder about the next world and if I will make it." Prokof quipped, "My whole hiring was a lie. I was never a 'Special Projects Coordinator.' I was here only to cover for Leighton's 15 hour per week job. I just feel dirty."

HEADLINE WE'D LIKE TO SEE: Leighton is sentenced to 12-20 years in prison for multiple charge to include stealing city gas for personal use and allowing friends, family, and others to do the same. The IRS has opened a case against him to see if this fuel was declared on his income tax and are inquiring to see if campaign money has been spent in legitimate ways. Readers may recall that Jesse Jackson Jr. and his wife are spending time in an Illinois prison for misusing campaign funds for personal use. 

Auditors are also targeting the WB Credit Union to see if Leghton was complicit in "dirty loans." The major charges, however, stem from his involvement as head of a racqueteering syndicate with LAG Towing and city police. Leighton is set to report to a federal facility in North Carolina where Bernie Madoff is housed. Madoff you may recall ran a ponzi scheme. 

Police Chief Dessoye, cousin to Leighton, is awaiting sentencing on similar charges. Leighton's other cousin, City solicitor Bill Vinsko, was not available for comment. He was last seen staring at a reflection of himself.