Tuesday, March 11, 2014

VIVA DA Office "Sala sangue vantis dolce"

VIVA DA Office  "Sala sangue vantis dolce"

(praise to DA for humbly getting assistance)

Message to: Law Enforcement

People cannot take any more corruption. 


The reality is that enough favors can be given out so that ultimately the corrupt infrastructure has the "numbers"
to subsist.

dirty magistrates
to corrupt Mayors
to profligate police chiefs
to "no show" workers collecting salaries
to certain street level cops helping LAG fleece the public
to solicitors who can only look the other way
to crooked city council members
to selective enforcement against city critics.

Possibly the most humble, mature, cogent decision
the DA has made is to get help from FBI, US ATTY etc...

This is a key time for Wilkes-Barre and those 
who they infestate (like other cities) with corruption