Wednesday, March 5, 2014

GAS GATE: Pigs Get Slaughtered



Taxpayers demand action in suspicious gas pumping case involving Pa. mayor

Some Wilkes-Barre taxpayers say they are tired of waiting for local prosecutors to determine whether a crime occurred when thousands of gallons of gasoline was pumped from the city’s public works yard without proper documentation — some of it used by the mayor.
One local activist wants Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane to look into the fuel issue, worried that Luzerne County District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis has intentionally extended her investigation or has been compromised by a potential conflict of interest within her office.
Charlotte Raup, the leader of Wilkes-Barre Crime Watch Coalition, penned a letter to Kane last week asking the state’s top law enforcement official to intervene as Salavantis enters her 19th month looking into the matter.
“The citizens of Wilkes-Barre would like to let you know that corruption did not stop in Luzerne County; It is alive and well,” Raup wrote to Kane.
The AG’s office declined to comment.

McLaughlin should think before he speaks. "The Police Chief didn't use the pumps" Dessoye's car is the only one of the police fleet that uses NO FUEL !!
How about that??? Stefanie, the system is going to squelch your career and turn you into an ambulance chaser, if you go along? Show some spine, and put this behind you. Like Barletta used to say, ""Illegal is illegal" !! So then it must hold true that misappropriation of public property is inexcusable, There were policies and procedures to prevent that very thing. And as the head of this administration, the Mayor was in fact aiding and abetting the taking of said fuel, in leading by example. In plain unadulterated English, No vehicle that is not in the inventory of the city as city property, has any reason to be anywhere near the city fuel pumps...PERIOD. (surname bovinepoop wrote comment)