Thursday, March 13, 2014

In the wake of a very suspicious death...

In the wake of a very, very suspicious death… I bring up a message below sent in June.

It was contained in an E Mail that I sent to “special affairs coordinator” Liza Prokop who was hired from the YMCA (Leighton stomping grounds). Of course, we know that her responsibilities would be as a second spokesman in addition to Drew Mc-Laugh-lin.

Can’t have enough spokesman to cover the cowardice and drinking of Leighton/Dessoye!

Ms. Prokop – with 8 months under your belt... DID I SPEAK THE TRUTH?

June 13, 2013

Ms  Prokop:

These are my heartfelt concerns and opinions about your new job.

To be successful at this job, you will need to check your integrity at the door. You will be reporting to a Mayor who I am sure, when all is said and done, will be known as one of the most corrupt people this city has ever known. He will not be able to pay you behind bars which is likely where he is heading.

This will be the penultimate dead end job.  Be prepared to be used and abused. Assuming you had good rearing, be prepared to give up everything you know to be good and true. This job will rob you of that.

 Your job title should include "recipient of cannon fodder"… because that is what you will be used for. Leighton and Dessoye are cowards. They can't take the heat so they put someone else in front to do it for them.  

This is an absolute waste of tax payer money. Who did the 4th of July show last year? Nobody honestly considers this a necessary hire.

You will be required to utter lies that Leighton hopes to avoid. Lies coming from your mouth are slightly better in Leighton’s mind than lies coming from yours.

Be prepared to be used. Be prepared to be sickened. Be prepared to wish you never met Leighton. Leighton and Dessoye are heading into possible RICO charges. This is a crime normally reserved for Mob bosses. 

Did they tell you that you will be the spokesman as they navigate legal waters with the FBI, state police, and IRS? Honestly... have they given you any heads up? Of course not. They are cowards.

Think of the long term and what this will mean to your standing in the area.  Your life is about to turn in a very dark way.

 Do you have kids?  Think of what this may mean to them and how they are viewed.

   ... And I bet you were never warned of none of this in your job interview (if there even was one).

     Thank  You    Mark Robbins

PS   You may not know me... but I am the one - and the only one - to step up to the plate and literally help victims. City Hall hates me. Because I make them look so bad.