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Anti-Corruption Ticket

The endorsed candidates have been vetted in the following ways:

1) They have not taken part in corrupt activities.

2) They are not specifically aligned with corrupt individuals or voted with them on councils and committees

3) They have not supported corrupt individuals politically.

4) Anti-Corruptiion is a key plank of their platform

MY PROMISE: Voting these candidates into office will singularly transform the 

political lanndscape in a positive way.

Say good bye to corruption!


Vote Tony George (D)

Vote Frank Sorick (R)

Tony George and his wife, Maureen, have 3 children and 4 grandchildren.

A life-long city resident, Tony attended Dodson Elementary, Meyers High School, Luzerne County Community College, and King's College.

In college, Tony majored in Social Sciences and minored in Education. To pay for college, Tony worked on the production line at the Stegmaier Brewery. He received his BA in Social Sciences and his Pennsylvania Professional Teaching Certificate in 1973 from King’s College.

After graduating King's College, Tony became a social studies teacher for the Wilkes-Barre Area School District. He then worked for Wilkes-Barre City's Department of Flood Control during the late 1970s.

Tony George completed the Pennsylvania State Police Academy's ACT 120 Municipal Police Officer Training in 1979, graduating first in his class.

Tony joined the Wilkes-Barre City Police Department in 1979 as a Patrolman and was promoted to Sargent then to Lieutenant. In 1996, Tony was promoted to Captain. After 20 years with the Department, Tony was promoted to Deputy Chief of Police in 1999 and to Chief of Police in 2001. 

Tony is a 1996 graduate of Leadership Wilkes-Barre. He was elected to City Council in January 2012.

Tony George is currently employed by the Wilkes-Barre Career and Technical Center as a School Resource officer. He has held that position for the past 11 years.

Tony has the endorsement of nearly all honorable law enforcement personnel. He does not have the endorsements of law enforcement involved in felony probes and corrupt mayors and former chiefs. This tells a very compelling story in his favor.

Boot Licking Bobble Head Brown

A vote for George Brown is a vote for Leighton
Brown continually supported Glodzik long after it was known Glodzik was a thief

Luzerne County DA    

Vote Vito Deluca (D) over the "Child DA" who used deceptive TV ads to buy her position.

DeLuca announces plan in Times Leader   HERE

Vito Deluca... Over 20 years of court room experience. Attorney DeLuca went to school locally at King's where he finished the highly touted accounting program. He then broadened his horizons at Pitt Law School. He has the unique perspective of seeing the business and legal aspects of a case. Our county needs the broad shoulders, seasoning, and sagacity of Vito DeLuca. 

         Vito Deluca... married and devoted father of two sons.

 DA Salavantis - Adult supervision needed

1) Sytematic oppression of people that in the DA's eyes "don't matter." I know. I was in the homes of people denied justice. It appears there are three tiers of justice.

(A)  The sensational stories like Selenski that bring accolades (even if it was an easy case for the DA).

(B)  The "good ole boys" who are taken care of the because they are related to the right person. Would LAG Towing still be in operation had Leo Glodzik not ripped off a state trooper's father? I laid the groundwork. But would anything have happened?

(C)  Those that "don't matter." These people don't carry enough clout to be bothered with... even if ther car was stolen. The antipathy toward these people may be the most compelling reason to elect a DA. These poor folks are dehumanized... so much so I felt compelled to buy four used cars. Standing in the house of a family of three who had their car stolen when it was 6 degrees out moved me to action.

New car for Senta Boyer

Senta Boyer's stolen car (in pic) in which I offered to pay off fees.
Why would Glodzik refuse payment? Was the title fraudulently borrowed against?

2) Biased treatment to daughter of huge campaign contributor who was "magically cleared" of vehicular homicide.

3) Toxic and symbiotic relationships wih known officials who are corrupt (see below).

Salavantis and disgraced WBPD former chief Gerard Dessoye

4) Salavantis took advantage of the death of state policeman Bryon Dickson and ran a fundraiser with "celebrity servers" (ie; Luz Cty Detective Mike Dessoye) which brought local television coverage to Salavantis's father's restaurant. This was at a point where the families of the affected troopers were floating in donations... well over $600,000 (not including benefits received as troopers). It is a sad commentary that Salavantis doeesn't give the same attention to victins who "don't matter." What did she do for the family of Tyler Winstead who was murdered? NOTHING! 

5) DA ran false and defaming ads (of Jackie Musto Carroll) to get into office... and in act of hypocrisy - later offered Carroll a job.

6) Offers placed on the table and later retracted.

7) Lack of prosecutorial experience (DA) and part time assistant (Sanguedolce)
has turned DA inro a "four year band-aid." It is horribly run.

8)  An unsually high number of unsolved crimes and murders (Laurie Merritt and Jonathon Ballester to name two).

9) Inexperienced and unseasoned; two years out of law school and is the only DA in the state to nave not tried a case.

10) Her $160,000 salary being squandered and wasted as Salavantis serves as nothing but a figure head and "name plate."

Tom Malloy (Cross filed. You can vote for him as a Republican or Democrat)

His opponent: We should not have to guess about the sobriety of our Magistrates or if they will show up for work. NO MORE NEPOTISM !!

Sam Troy (D)
Republicans can write him in to win in their party. This would mean he would win in.
May. Sam is a long time activist who should be rewarded.

About me
Current Ministerial Student; Christian leadership and Urban Ministries
Co-Owner Thrive Wellness Center
Wall Street Equities trader
Fortune 200 Sr Financial Analyst
Business Analyst  for IPO launch company in Orlando FL
Owner Frozen Yogurt store
Taught Undergraduate classes at Lehigh Univ in Management
Teacher and 4 team Coach  at Bullis School in Potmac MD


Masters:  Ministerial Student in Christian leadership (current)
Masters:  Ministerial Student in Urban Ministries (current)
Masters:  Valedictorian Lehigh Univ MBA
CMA Certified Management Accountant (similar to CPA format)
CMA Certified Financial Manager (similar to CPA format)
Leadership Wilkes-Barre graduate
Wake Forest University; Economics Major
Wyoming Seminary Cum Laude Graduate; 2 sport Captain/MVP

How WB TRUTH has evolved...


Forty Fort resident accuses police, LAG Towing of harassment, kickback scheme
Posted: July 13, 2011

WILKES-BARRE – Allegations of bribes and kickbacks filled council chambers Tuesday as Forty Fort resident Mark Robbins questioned the city’s contract with LAG. Towing.

Mark Robbins of Forty Fort returns to his seat after speaking to Wilkes-Barre City Council Tuesday evening.

“I speak to you today about the hundreds of poor people who have lost their cars due to the city’s allowance of predatory pricing with LAG Towing and Leo Glodzik,” Robbins told council during his five-minute presentation. “Based on public information, the mayor and the city are profiting off the backs of the poorest, most vulnerable and most defenseless citizens. It is obvious that something is amiss.”

Robbins said his car was towed by LAG on June 1, and he contends that the city tower damaged the steering on his vehicle. Robbins claimed Glodzik was “in my face,” prompting him to call 911 for help. Robbins alleged city police officers arrived and held a “powwow” with Glodzik before talking to him and then treated him in a disrespectful manner.

“Why does Glodzik get secret favors from the mayor and ‘extra special’ protection from the police?” Robbins asked. “Glodzik has earned near royal status with the mayor and with the police.”

Robbins said the city officers appeared to be protecting Glodzik.

“He was protected like a band of goons would protect a rogue dictator,” he said. “The cops yelled, swore, and showed complete disdain for me. They tried to intimidate me into oblivion. It felt like Rodney King without the clubs. They were bating me to lose my temper. It was obvious they wanted an excuse to put me in jail.”

Mayor Tom Leighton did not attend the council meeting, but city Police Chief Gerard Dessoye was there, and he responded to Robbins’ allegations. Dessoye said the first officers at the scene called their supervisor for assistance when Robbins became upset. Leighton and Glodzik could not be reached for comment.

Dessoye said he has not had any major complaints about LAG’s performance and he scoffed at the suggestion of a kickback scheme involving his officers and the city administration. Marie McCormick, city administrator, said she took offense to Robbins’ allegations, noting that LAG pays the city $50,000 per year to be the city’s contracted tower. She said no other money comes to the city from LAG. (Oh really?... liars)

“Mr. Robbins obviously wasn’t satisfied with the responses the officers gave him,” Dessoye said. “But if they were acting inappropriate, why would they call their supervisor – Sgt. William Harden – to come to the scene?”

Robbins said he took a polygraph test to document his account of the incident. He said he passed with an average certainty of 99.2 percent.

Robbins said LAG’s prices are “way too high.” He noted that city council is still considering enacting a towing ordinance that would place a cap on what towing companies can charge.
According to Drew McLaughlin, administrative coordinator for the mayor, the LAG contract sets fees as $125 for a tow; a rollback tow is $175; and vehicle storage is $50 per day. The contract also states, “Accidents - price changes due to location, position, winching, clean-up, extra equipment and extra manpower.”

Robbins claims that LAG often charges higher prices.

“Glodzik is allowed to charge way above the stated fee,” Robbins said. “He charged me $200 and says he charges $250 at night. Why is the contract broken for Glodzik?”
Robbins said the police and city overlook “this price gouging.”

Robbins said Glodzik is supposed to file a monthly report to Dessoye. Dessoye said he does not need the report, noting that his officers file reports on every vehicle towed and towing is listed on every ticket issued by police.

Bob Kadluboski, owner of City Wide Towing and the city’s former contracted tower, again told council of his “warnings” that LAG was charging inflated prices. Kadluboski said he charged $75 per tow when he held the city contract.

After the meeting, Robbins said he is considering taking his case to the Luzerne County District Attorney or the state Attorney General’s office for review and he will request a probe. “Rules are broken and records aren’t kept,” Robbins said. “We desperately need an audit and an investigation to follow the money trail.”   END.

THE DA phoned me and said they "didn't want the case." (Musto Carroll at the time) Why? Because I wasn't a good ole boy. If you don't think corruption permeates the DA office... think again. 

The DA is the one entity that could have stopped this in the tracks - but they didn't. Salavantis and Sanguedolce continued the cover-up by "tossing out" complaints from victims of car theft. They allowed the alcoholic and corrupt WBPD Chief Gerard Dessoye act as "gatekeeper" to the DA. This allowed Leo Glodzik to run unfettered as he stole car after car. 

This has got to be one of the saddest commentary on any DA office in our nation. They knew the complaints sent to them were sincere... and they chose to look the other way !!


Polygraph I passed after my 1st encounter with WBPD regarding incident at LAG Towing