Thursday, April 30, 2015


Want to see what a "dog and pony show" looks like? It is called the Sherman Hills Task Force.

Does any one feel that the Sherman Hills Task Force has done ANYTHING to make citizens safer or for the police that are forced to go there? Of course not.

Some task force members... 
George Brown and Leighton and Bill Barrett and Maureen Lavelle (Brown's Campaign Manager)

Stop putting yourself at risk and get rid of the "do nothings" council members that have voted with leighton nearly 100 % of the time, They...
1) Try and trick you with "dog and pony shows."
2) Have not helped a single LAG Towing victim (over 1,000)
3) Would not take a stand for an 82 year old lady whose car was crushed (and returned) to her.

Mayor and WB Council

Tony George stands alone.

Tony George is cornering the "anti-corrupt vote" which includes fair and justice minded law enforcement and honest citizens across Wilkes-Barre who are fed up with corruption.

George Brown is cornering the "corrupt vote" which includes the dregs from Leighton's alcoholic tenure. George Brown showed his hand by virtue of his super secret $250 per plate dinner for contractors.

How do you want your city run? Folks, we are losing time. We will look like Detroit on the corrupt path we are on. We CANNOT give away four more years.

Vote against:  George Brown   Mike Merritt   Bill Barrett   Alcoholic Jared Kane (Magistrate)... Beth Gilbert (20 year old malleable "plant" by Leighton) 

Also... say NO the WB School Board Nepotism King.
See HERE    

If the above are not voted in I promise you Wilkes-Barre will be transformed

The above represents the opinions of the writer and any satire may be used for entertainment purposes.