Friday, April 10, 2015

DA: Black lives don't matter... nor their cars

Inexcusable     Indefensible    Unpardonable

I was contacted by three African-American single moms over the past few years. Each one had their cars price gouged and then stolen by LAG Towing.

(Senta Boyer's price gouged / stolen car. I offered to pay off fees but Leo Glodzik refused to accept payment. Had he already sold off the title (via Credit Union gate)?

Collectively I had pictures of the cars, the titles, and even a sworn affidavit from one of the victims. 

I shared the following with the FBI this week... and I now share with you. These were the "available" avenues for these victims. 

(1) They could not report to Gerard Dessoye or the WBPD
(2) They could not report to Thomas Leighton
(3) They could not take to city council
(4) They could not take to a Magistrate because it would be ultimately be bounced by the DA. 
(5) They could not take to the DA because it would be bounced by the DA.  

No one would take a complaint for a stolen car despite having paperwork. The DA said they were not prosecutable. 
A) No reason was given
B) No effort was made to clarify and make it prosecutable (Sanguedolce).
C) Basically, they did not give a crap.
(The DA may have not known victims were black... but they dicriminate against anybody who isn't part of the club. So it really didn't matter).

When did LAG Towing finally go down? When a state trooper's dad was affected. The point is rather clear:

1) The DA will respond if you are a good ole boy.
2) They will not respond to an average citizen.

Folks, this cannot stand.

- A $ 1/4 million dollars is paid to Salavantis and Sanguedolce each year. 
- The detectives are paid $100,000. I believe there are six.

Do you feel ripped off? I sure do. $160,000 to Salavantis who is nothing but a nameplate who lied to get into office? ... And she offered a job to the person she lied about? This is a very big problem.

Below is the car of 78 year old Natalie Aleo that Leo Glodzik dropped at her doorstep after crushing it. Do you think the DA helped her? Of course not... this 78 year old is not part of the good ole boys' club.

This sad and sick situation must end. Not only is the DA office incompetent... they don't even care. So very sad.