Sunday, April 5, 2015

Added:  Bio for Mayoral Candidate Tony George (D). Scroll down

Boot Licking Bobble Head Brown

A vote for George Brown is a vote for Leighton

If you do not think they are in "lock step," consider this:

(A) Criticism I made in this blog a few days ago...

Which Towing Company has the WB Towing Contract?
City Wide Towing   NO
Falzone's?  NO (just a "temporary subcontract").
LAG TOWING?   Yes. You got it.

So if you elect George Brown as Mayor... everything is in place to bring back Leo Glodzik after he finishes his short time in jail, Isn't this a heart warming thought?

(B)  Leighton  then "covers" (April 7) for George Brown by firing Leo Glodzik days after my criticism .  See Times Leader article  HERE.

The city was covering for LAG Towing until this blog pointed it out. Only then did they respond. It is like shoplifting and claiming innocence after you were caught and returned the items. Folks... you are a witness (right now... before your very eyes) to Leighton covering for George Brown. You cannot vote for this man.

Vote Tony George (D)
Vote Frank Sorick (R)

OTHER NEWS:  Leighton and Vinsko provide cover for "LAG loaner car" driver (cop JohnMajikes)

Reputable sources report that WB cop John Majikes is living under the roof of the home once lived in by Mercedes Leighton. Mercedes Leighton is the deceased grandmother of both city solicitor William Vinsko and Mayor Thomas Leighton who are cousins. Leighton appears to be pretty close to the action for someone who greatly distanced himself to this corrupt credit union?LAG Towing debacle which ultimately ended in a suicide of the Credit Union Manager.

Below are the illegal plates on Majikes's truck. It was common knowledge to former chief Gerard Dessoye and others that Majikes drove a truck illegally for a very long period.

People may recall:
(1) Mark Robbins was the only one ever cited for Trespassing behind the police station. Charges were dropped in County Court.
(2) Gerard Dessoye (Salavantis' "adopted" dad) told Times Leader that every one was permitted to walk behind the police station except Robbins.


Related News: WB Cop Jason Anthony to plead guilty to a felony and is reported to be "cooperating."  See Citizens Voice HERE.

See below for election news regarding upcoming races.


Luzerne County DA    Vote Vito Deluca (D) over the "Child DA" who used deceptive TV ads to buy her position.

DeLuca announces plan in Times Leader   HERE

Vito Deluca... Over 20 years of court room experience. Attorney DeLuca went to school locally at King's where he finished the highly touted accounting program. He then broadened his horizons at Pitt Law School. He has the unique perspective of seeing the business and legal aspects of a case. Our county needs the broad shoulders, seasoning, and sagacity of Vito DeLuca. 

         Vito Deluca... married and devoted father of two sons.

    speaks for itself

About me
Current Ministerial Student; Christian leadership and Urban Ministries
Co-Owner Thrive Wellness Center
Wall Street Equities trader
Fortune 200 Sr Financial Analyst
Business Analyst  for IPO launch company in Orlando FL
Owner Frozen Yogurt store
Taught Undergraduate classes at Lehigh Univ in Management
Teacher and 4 team Coach  at Bullis School in Potmac MD


Masters:  Ministerial Student in Christian leadership (current)
Masters:  Ministerial Student in Urban Ministries (current)
Masters:  Valedictorian Lehigh Univ MBA
CMA Certified Management Accountant (similar to CPA format)
CMA Certified Financial Manager (similar to CPA format)
Leadership Wilkes-Barre graduate
Wake Forest University; Economics Major
Wyoming Seminary Cum Laude Graduate; 2 sport Captain/MVP

CORRUPT LACKEYS: A vote for these lackeys is a a vote for Leighton... plain and simple.

- George "empty suit / bobble head" Brown who is on the committee to clean up Sherman Hills /Inter faith Heights. Way to go, Brown!!  You have made so much progress!  Two more shot at Sherman Hills /Inter faith Heights HERE.

- Mike "I slither therefore I am" Merritt (and Bill Barrett) who serves only as nameplates that magically votes 100 % of the time with Leighton

- DA Salavantis who can't see Leighton stealing gas when it is plastered on a billboard.


Which Towing Company has the WB Towing Contract?

City Wide Towing   NO
Falzone's?  NO (just a "temporary subcontract").
LAG TOWING?   Yes. You got it.

So if you elect George Brown as Mayor... everything is in place to bring back Leo Glodzik after he finishes his short time in jail, Isn't this a heart warming thought?

Several sources have independently contacted me and told me they are 100 % sure that Leighton has taken cash from Sherman Hills. Something funny has to be going on to "make sense of nonsense."

1) The near complete lack of inspections
2) This drug and murder infested complex sold for a $ 7.7 million profit to itself (a subsidiary). $ 8 million to $15.7 million in 3 years.
3) Leighton Democrats Pushinski, George Brown, and Matt Cartwright comprise some of the Kangaroo investigation committee.

Allow me to explain that I am approaching nearly four years of anti-corruption work. 

I have never been in any criminal court in 49 years. Since poking around Wilkes-Barre I have been to court NINE  times. Every case I have won or it was thrown out. 

I was the only person EVER to be cited for trespassing behind the police station out of hundreds every day. The alcoholic Magistrate Marty Kane told me I was not allowed to use the 14th Amendment (banning selective enforcement) without an attorney. He said this because the outcome was determined before I walked in. He was scared that my defense may have been "too good." 

The courts have been corruptly used as a weapon of malice against me. Malicious prosecution. Offers at the court house have been made to me and promises have been broken.

Complaints lacking merit have been used by by corrupt officials in Wilkes-Barre and by Salavantis (to appease her corrupt brethren). In fact, Salavantis has referred a county case to the state Attorney General.

The charge? A Sherman Hills resident claimed I harassed her (phone totaling 2 minutes and 31 seconds). Dessoye's police police penciled in a curse word 6 days after I spoke to this person. I have received 56 lewd letters from such individual over 2 years and I am the one charged with a misdemeanor.

We are to have a jury trial over this. I am not joking. 

Along the way I have put time into my research that would have made me famously wealthy if I was paid by the hour. I have bought people new cars for LAG Towing victims. I have saved people from evictions. I paid legal expenses for a poor African American kid who was unfairly attacked. I have paid to free cars from LAG Towing's price gouging. I have helped crime victims with cash and I orchestrated the "Christmas makeover" in the Times Leader for the lady and children featured in south WB (for which I was cruelly attacked). I even helped pay for the funeral of a little boy that was murdered.

Money received from anyone for any reason?  Zero

I haven't mentioned these things because I don't believe in publicizing one's good works. But it is important for you to know the platform on which I stand. It is necessary that you know something about me before taking my advice.

I have done all that I can. All you need to do is get to the polls and vote for the candidates with the most integrity. 

We cannot for for Controllers that were first grade teachers.

We cannot vote for a DA who has never tried a case.
We cannot vote for officials with obvious substance abuse problems.


Avoid these people like the future of Wilkes-Barre depends on it - cause it does!

Stack of Corruption
(under Leighton's thumb)

Leighton stealing gas

   George Brown

Bill Barrett - Charges taxpayers (along with Kathy Kane) for trip to Austin Texas. He did this secretly. Upon being found out he claimed he was "looking into police cameras." 
1) He has to go to Austin Texas to research this?
2) It is not his duty or responsibility to do this.
3) He defended the trip by claiming it was budgeted. I didn't know "fleecing" was part of the budget.
4) He and Kathy Kane didn't fess up to the trip until they were caught.

Mike Merritt