Saturday, April 25, 2015


DA Stefanie Salavantis is not qualified to be DA. This is so obvious it needs no further reflection. This blog post will indicate her very important role in corruption as the highest ranking law enforcement officer in Luzerne county. It has been impossible for her not to see the racketeering and/or corrupt behavior going on under her nose; I alerted her before she was DA and many times since. More verbeage follows the photos and E Mails

Salavantis always had the option to ask the State Attorney to investiagate. Instead she let the guilty go free and unfettered. Absolving Leighton from "gas gate" is yet another example. How could this not be referred to the State Attorney General given the relationships in the first flow chart below? Salavantis is clearly ensconced as an insider in the county's corrupt syndicate.

In the beginning...   I first alerted Salavantis to massive corruption before she used false ads to get herself elected. The E mails can be seen after the pictures below.


"Straight up Corruption"   DUI TOSSED
From: Stefanie Salavantis <>
To: "Mark Robbins" <>
Date: Friday, September 2, 2011, 5:38 PM

Mark: I am looking into the Cars for Cash scandal.  It is very interesting.  Thanks for the information. Stefanie

From: Mark Robbins <>
To: Stefanie Salavantis <>
Sent: Monday, September 5, 2011 7:00 PM

 I hope you find it more than "interesting." Crimes are being committed. Leighton has within the last week refused to adhere to the Towing contract. He insists on giving Leo Glodzik a monopoly. This by itself is corrupt activity (hence corruption).
   How many people on fixed income lost their cars due to predatory pricing (up to $250)?


1)      Glodzik is to provide monthly inventories of people’s cars to the police chief. He has provided none in 75 months.
2)      The Mayor is to enforce “industry standard” pricing ($80/tow). Glodzik charges 3 times that ($250 and higher).
3)      With $50/day impound fees (twice the average), many low income people have had their carsseized and sold.

1)  Persuading someone or some people (W-B Mayor Thomas Leighton and W-B Police Chief Gerard Dessoye)
2)  To act in one's favor(to the extreme favor of Leo Glodzik of LAG Towing) giving him monopoly status)
3)  Illegally or dishonestly(by illegally breaking the city contract for 75 straight months. See 1, 2 , and 3 above.
4)  By a gift of money or other inducement ($50,050 Glodzik annually gives to city).
All four facets of a bribe are present. There you have it. A Bribe exists. This, however, is just the tip of the iceberg. How else does Glodzik take care of the Mayor/others in return for $500,000, no price controls, and no inventory requirements? It would torture one’s logic to assume there aren’t kickbacks. Nevertheless, for starters, at least we know bribery exists.
These “favors” were not provided to the previous contracted tower who didn’t pay for the contract. This tower did not overcharge. I know because I have physically examined his receipts. $75 was the standard rate. In fact, he wasn’t given a fair chance to bid on the 2005 contract and later won a $250k court settlement. In the worst of ways, the Mayor wanted Leo Glodzik as the Tower. The reasons are apparent.

At the bare minimum… Glodzik gives $50k & in return the city illegally
“looks the other way” in all important aspects of the contract.
There are no records and no price caps. It is a concealed cash “free-for-all.”

Fast facts on LAG Towing:
1) Salavantis was alerted to LAG Towing months before she was electesd (below).
2) Cops are reported to have received a bribe of $50 per tow.
3) The tow rate per monh for Falzone's (current) is said to ne 17 per month. The tow rate at LAG was said to be over 100 per month.
4) LAG stole cars by price gouging customers and withholding their vehicles illegally.
5) It is hard not to calculate the number of stolen cars to be any less than 1,000.

To catch Leo Glodzik (LAG Towing) in one "sting" operation does not come close to serving justice. It is an insult. Leighton, Gerard Dessoye, Mike Dessoye, and Stefanie Salavantis were either participants of the LAG Crininal Empire or had knowledge of it.

This is truly one of the saddest criminal syndicates because it targeted the most vulnerable of populations - the poor. Each stolen vehicle represented an "economic death spiral" for those affected. These people were COMPLETELY shut out of the justice system as the DA and police and the Mayor and city council would not listen to the pleas.

I felt so awful for some victims (like in January) that I peronally used my own cash to put people in cars. If there was ever an example of "putting money where one's mouth is"... this is it.

I have become a target for nuisance charges. I have been to court 8 times with a a jury trial set for a misdemeanor charge. The police report states that I used nasty language against another person in 2/1/2 minutes of phone time. The DA has sought it is in the state's best interest to refer my case to the State Attoeney General. A jury trial for this. And Leighton walks from from gas gate. I have been convicted of nothing and - truth be told - my attorney says I have a zero per cent chance of losing the case. It is obvious that I am trying to be silenced. I will not be silenced.


What follows is a "Who's who" in corruption mostly pertaining to the LAG Towing Criminal Empire headed by:

Leo Glodzik: Who is in deep trouble with FBI and was convisted of a felony. But to say that Glodzik stands alone is laughable.

Mayor Tomas Leighton stands as the Head of this racketerring enterprise. As you recall, Leighton tried to "slip" prperties to Glodzik foe 10 cents on the dollar.

Former WBPD Chief Gerard Dessoye also stands at the head who said he had "no need" to keep LAG records even though they were reqiuired by the contract.

According to the Times Leader, Leo Glodzik is getting help for substance abuse. I do not believe the same can be said for G Dessoye or T Leighton.

The FBI performed a successful indictments against 2 from the WBPD. But it shouldn't work like this. We have working knowledge of crimes committed by Mayors and Chiefs of police. This should be a top down investigation.