Sunday, April 12, 2015

Mayoral candidate George Brown's signs vandalized

The vandalism was posted on facebook and this act brought condemnation from me, Frank Sorick, and other citizens. It is simply wrong.
However, perhaps this is a lesson in empathy for George Brown. George Brown showed no remorse as LAG Towing stole vehicles left and right. His vote always went with Leighton whose stance was to let LAG Towing run free as a criminal enterprise. It was sickening to watch. He is also on the task force below.

Why would anyone vote for George Brown
given his limp wristed attempts at Sherman Hills?

So please excuse me if I don't shed a tear. No right minded person sees Brown as a victim.

Ted Max was more pointed in his response: "Maybe the public is frustrated 

and that's their way of venting? I don't think people realize the gravity of this situation right 

now. It's more than politics, it's a fight for people's lives and livelihoods. The current WB 

Administration has been an ABOMINATION of public service. People are pissed. I don't live in

WB but your transgressions are now carrying over to OUR TOWNS and OUR way of life. 

Take a moment and reflect upon just how ineffective and innocuous the Leighton regime has 

been these past 12 years, and maybe you might think stolen signs aren't such a bad thing 

considering how much people lost during this whole charade. I'm not condoning this type if 

behavior, but wake up and see reality that some of you aren't as popular as you think...."

When there us a will there is a way. In regards to Sherman Hills there is no will. Leighton's presence contaminates the entire committee as many conjecture he has been taking cash in lieu of few insepections and a "hands off" approach. 

It would be a fair question to ash if Leighton is profiting from the drug trade. Leighton to dealers: "pay me x amount... and I will leave you alone." Entirely plausible... especially from an alcoholic who might want some of the "goodies." Never underestimate of the evil an alcoholic is capable of.

Members of the Sherman HillsTask Force are…
Tom Leighton, Mayor, Wilkes-Barre;
George Brown, Councilman, Wilkes-Barre City Council;
Bill Barrett, Chairperson, Wilkes-Barre City Council;
Maureen Lavelle, Councilwoman, Wilkes-Barre City Council;
NOTABLY  LEFT OFF:  The only honest city councilman… Tony George
John Yudichak, State Senator (PA-14);
Eddie Pashinski, State Representative (PA-121);
Tim McGinley, Chair, Luzerne County Council;
Matt Cartwright  Congressman (PA-17); 
Harry Haas, Councilman, Luzerne County Council;
Ed Brominski, Councilman, Luzerne County Council;
Eileen Sorokas, Councilwoman-Elect, Luzerne County;
Ron Felton, President, Wilkes-Barre NAACP;
Rev. Shawn Walker, Pastor, First Baptist Church;
Angel Jirau, Executive Director, Spanish American Leaders serving all