Monday, April 27, 2015

Jail immediately imminent for Glodzik?

Word has it the DA will revoke Glodzik's bail and require him to do "work release" in prison.

Senator Casey requested more money to fight WB crime. Forgive me for stating the obvious... but money aint the problem. There is a massive wall of denial in place. A wall of corruption and substance abuse. THINGS IN WILKES-BARRE LOOK DIFFERENT IF:

1) Its Mayor was sober and clean.
2) Its (old) Police Chief was was sober and clean.
3) Its Magistrate was sober and clean.
4) Its DA didn't have "child-like" experience and didn't lie about what she would do. It is obvious to the "dumbest brick in the stack" that she is firmly placed in the Leighton/Dessoye umbrella and is in too deep to get out.

Her incompetence took her there.
Her corruption keeps her there.
She is the Kardashian DA

Therefore, voters, we need to remove her ourselves in November. No more lies!

As for the substance impaired... the lives of alcoholics are by definition unmamangeable. They can't manage their personal lives, their families, and certainly not a city. Bob Casey - remove the scales from your eyes. YOU ARE ENABLING. We don't need money. We need sobriety. See article  HERE.

Also... FBI requests "silence on Glodzik evidence" HERE
Also... two "Credit union gate" cops plead guilty. See HERE
Also... our Scranton Attorney General is a liar. See Here.
Also... Judges Hughes and Vough stepped up to the plate re: court backlog while the child Salavantis simply "comments"  See  HERE     

NOTE: Times Leader, and Editor Spohr, have increased the investigative and editorial content of the paper by bringing in Steve Corbett and Betty Roocograndi.

Also... today... Jenn Learn-Andes has a story on synthetic marijuans that EVERY PARENT SHOULD read  HERE