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New charges against Glodzik

New charges against Glodzik Here.
Alleged gun charges to follow.

Times Leader ARTICLE
Forty Fort resident accuses police, LAG Towing of harassment, kickback scheme
Posted: July 13, 2011

WILKES-BARRE – Allegations of bribes and kickbacks filled council chambers Tuesday as Forty Fort resident Mark Robbins questioned the city’s contract with LAG. Towing.

Mark Robbins of Forty Fort returns to his seat after speaking to Wilkes-Barre City Council Tuesday evening.

“I speak to you today about the hundreds of poor people who have lost their cars due to the city’s allowance of predatory pricing with LAG Towing and Leo Glodzik,” Robbins told council during his five-minute presentation. “Based on public information, the mayor and the city are profiting off the backs of the poorest, most vulnerable and most defenseless citizens. It is obvious that something is amiss.”

Robbins said his car was towed by LAG on June 1, and he contends that the city tower damaged the steering on his vehicle. Robbins claimed Glodzik was “in my face,” prompting him to call 911 for help. Robbins alleged city police officers arrived and held a “powwow” with Glodzik before talking to him and then treated him in a disrespectful manner.

“Why does Glodzik get secret favors from the mayor and ‘extra special’ protection from the police?” Robbins asked. “Glodzik has earned near royal status with the mayor and with the police.”

Robbins said the city officers appeared to be protecting Glodzik.

“He was protected like a band of goons would protect a rogue dictator,” he said. “The cops yelled, swore, and showed complete disdain for me. They tried to intimidate me into oblivion. It felt like Rodney King without the clubs. They were bating me to lose my temper. It was obvious they wanted an excuse to put me in jail.”

Mayor Tom Leighton did not attend the council meeting, but city Police Chief Gerard Dessoye was there, and he responded to Robbins’ allegations. Dessoye said the first officers at the scene called their supervisor for assistance when Robbins became upset. Leighton and Glodzik could not be reached for comment.

Dessoye said he has not had any major complaints about LAG’s performance and he scoffed at the suggestion of a kickback scheme involving his officers and the city administration. Marie McCormick, city administrator, said she took offense to Robbins’ allegations, noting that LAG pays the city $50,000 per year to be the city’s contracted tower. She said no other money comes to the city from LAG. (Oh really?... liars)

“Mr. Robbins obviously wasn’t satisfied with the responses the officers gave him,” Dessoye said. “But if they were acting inappropriate, why would they call their supervisor – Sgt. William Harden – to come to the scene?”

Robbins said he took a polygraph test to document his account of the incident. He said he passed with an average certainty of 99.2 percent.

Robbins said LAG’s prices are “way too high.” He noted that city council is still considering enacting a towing ordinance that would place a cap on what towing companies can charge.
According to Drew McLaughlin, administrative coordinator for the mayor, the LAG contract sets fees as $125 for a tow; a rollback tow is $175; and vehicle storage is $50 per day. The contract also states, “Accidents - price changes due to location, position, winching, clean-up, extra equipment and extra manpower.”

Robbins claims that LAG often charges higher prices.

“Glodzik is allowed to charge way above the stated fee,” Robbins said. “He charged me $200 and says he charges $250 at night. Why is the contract broken for Glodzik?”
Robbins said the police and city overlook “this price gouging.”

Robbins said Glodzik is supposed to file a monthly report to Dessoye. Dessoye said he does not need the report, noting that his officers file reports on every vehicle towed and towing is listed on every ticket issued by police.

Bob Kadluboski, owner of City Wide Towing and the city’s former contracted tower, again told council of his “warnings” that LAG was charging inflated prices. Kadluboski said he charged $75 per tow when he held the city contract.

After the meeting, Robbins said he is considering taking his case to the Luzerne County District Attorney or the state Attorney General’s office for review and he will request a probe. “Rules are broken and records aren’t kept,” Robbins said. “We desperately need an audit and an investigation to follow the money trail.”   END.

THE DA phoned me and said they "didn't want the case." (Musto Carroll at the time) Why? Because I wasn't a good ole boy. If you don't think corruption permeates the DA office... think again. 

The DA is the one entity that could have stopped this in the tracks - but they didn't. Salavantis and Sanguedolce continued the cover-up by "tossing out" complaints from victims of car theft. They allowed the alcoholic and corrupt WBPD Chief Gerard Dessoye act as "gatekeeper" to the DA. This allowed Leo Glodzik to run unfettered as he stole car after car. 

This has got to be one of the saddest commentary on any DA office in our nation. They knew the complaints sent to them were sincere... and they chose to look the other way !!


In response to yesterday's post... I will not pursue any legal action against John Leighton. My point was to illustrate the contrast between what I received from Leighton and what I have been accused of doing to someone else. I could play "tit for tat" but choose not to. Unlike other "powers that be"... I choose not to clog the courts with utter nonsense.

I have been accused of a misdemeanor for foul language over the phone (and a summary offense for harassment) over the phone (elapsed time = 2 1/2 minutes):
1) with absolutley no evidence over what was said
2) language inserted into the second of two police reports (charges changed between 1st and 2nd police reports)
3) inserted 6 days after I spoke to the person who has allegedly repeatedly used tawdry language against me, Frank Sorick, and Charlotte Raup.

Jury trial set to take place under jurisdiction of Attorney General. Yes... the courts will be clogged and expense wasted all so the "activist can be brought down." 

I do appreciate that John Leighton at least used his name which is more than many "phantom" commenters can say.