Thursday, April 23, 2015

Salavantis has earned nothing

Salavantis knew about "CARS FOR CASH: before she was elected:

From: Stefanie Salavantis <>
Subject: Re:
To: "Mark Robbins" <>
Date: Friday, September 2, 2011, 5:38 PM

Mark: I am looking into the Cars for Cash scandal.  It is very interesting.  Thanks for the information. Stefanie

    There is one over arching theme that DA Salavantis must come to terms as she sits in her position. This theme represents a core value in how we operate as a society and stands as the foundation for our nation's progress. It is called EARNING SOMETHING. It is "not getting something for nothing."

    Stefanie Salavantis, you received votes in the last election... but you actually earned NOTHING. You tricked us. You used other people's money to savagely defame Jackie Musto Carroll through false TV ads. You are unqualified and inexperienced and have skipped necessary steps to be where you are. You don't deserve the position you are in. The county has paid a dear price for you penchant to align your self with the corrupt infrastructure. 

    We need only look at the victims of LAG Towing who were routinely ignored by your office because they were poor and simply "didn't matter." Please don't play the "poor victim" when people fairly criticize you about murders and corruption and your investigations that take years. You are no vicim. You are no damsel in distress. Instead you are a cunning predator who has lied to get where you are. You have not earned the right to be a DA and the results only confirm this fact.


From Salavantis (April 23)

It's come to my attention that in recent interviews, my opponent has criticized my experience regarding the timeline of an ongoing investigation as well as the need to secure a search warrant to access data on an Apple IPhone.
I'm fascinated to hear of my opponent's criticisms regarding my "inexperience." Preliminarily, I've run this office successfully for over three years now. I've reviewed dozens, if not hundreds of search warrants for approval. I'm not certain exactly how many he's approved, my guess is none since he's never been in charge of any prosecution ever. To the contrary, he's spent his entire career trying to use any means possible to let criminals back on the street to victimize our community. Now he wants to be "an aggressive prosecutor."
With respect to the Apple search warrant, I'm personally shocked that my opponent has publicly taken this position. First, he is openly utilizing Ms. Merritt's tragic death for political gain. A position I find personally appalling. If he is so experienced, he would know that search warrants are prepared by the police. In this case, a detective of 31 years with the Wilkes-Barre Police Dept. If he is so experienced, he would also know that the search warrant was approved not only by me, but by my First Assistant also who has been a prosector of 13 years. Finally, if he bothered even reading the publicly filed search warrants he is criticizing, he'd know that we got the cell phone records from the providers. The iPhone that the Wilkes-Barre Police are seeking to forensically examine, is locked with a passcode. The technology is proprietary and only Apple can unlock it. You cannot just stick a post-it note on the phone and ask Apple to open it. Apple, and its legal department, require a search warrant, prepared by police, approved by the District Attorney and executed by a neutral issuing authority before they will unlock another person's iPhone.
I welcome his further criticisms, but I hope in the future, he picks a topic he knows something about because search warrants and investigations clearly are not it.
I thank you all for your continued support as your elected District Attorney as well as your support in seeking reelection.