Saturday, April 11, 2015

Leigton, Brown, and Two Kanes... creepy and weird

(Note: Anti-Corruption Ticket below)

NEW: From Tony Brooks... Calling Sherman Hills Owners out!! Amen, Tony.  See  HERE

(NOTE: George Brown is on Sherman Hills task force. He is closest to the situation and has made no statments like Tony Brooks has. Please... for the love of justice... vote Tony George).

Tony's statement: I offer a fresh face and independent voice for City Council. Born in the district at the old Wyoming Valley Hospital on Dana Street (sadly demolished) and a long time resident of West River Street, I'm concerned about the future direction of our city. Wilkes-Barre is a great city of neighborhoods with a strong downtown anchored by two great colleges. It seems to me that every time we take a step forward we also take a step backwards. This needs to change. My focus will be on (1) safety and security through tougher enforcement; (2) fiscal responsibility with balanced budgets, holding the line on taxes, expanding the tax base, paying down debt and maintaining a high credit rating; (3) expanding civic participation and neighborhood association development; (4) land use planning and historic preservation; and (5) resurrect the Parks Commission and the Tree Shade Commission; and (6) municipal cooperation and consolidation.

Leigton, Brown, and Two Kanes... creepy and weird:
If there are any limits to corrupt city officials getting behind someone they can manipulate... apparently we haven't reached that threshold.

Look who showed at Beth Gilbert's fundraiser for city council (maybe 8 total?). Anyone (like George Brown) who thinks this college student is qualified to make tough city decisions (budget, pensions, police etc..) is certifiably nuts. This shows the lengths that the corrupt elite will go to in order to find someone malleable enough to support them. 

Please look at the crowd George Brown runs with and ask yourself if you want more corruption.

                                   Vinsko  and George Brown
(pictured marred a bit... but that is G Brown... look also at button... admire the suit - cause that is all you will get)

Caveat: You may think this is a charming story of a Wilkes student with great ambitions. Trust me... it is not. Beth Gilbert and her mom sit in the front row of council meeting like Leighton's little "apple shiners." That is weird in itself... but what is weirder is what happened after a city council meeting. Upon leaving the meeting a female city resident made an innocuous comment (to Beth Gilbert)... something like "It must be nice to be so close to Leighton." 

City administrator McCormick who left mid term, Kathy Kane, and mutiple DUI Jared Kane who thinks he should be a Judge off of daddy's drunken and corrupt record.

The comment was made in the stair well. Upon leaving the building Gilbert and her mom walked into the police station. I told the female "I think I heard them say they are going to press harassment charges." Nobody knew what to believe.

Sure enough they tried to. A WBPD officer came out of the building. He would not file harassment charges but instead told the small crowd of us (who were somewhat stunned), "Don't laugh at them... just let them be. Don't make fun of them." 

At this point... we truly pitied anyone so imbalanced that they felt the need to run into the police station. Weird and creepy. 

Anti-Corruption Ticket

Vote Tony George (D)

Vote Frank Sorick (R)

Tony George and his wife, Maureen, have 3 children and 4 grandchildren.

A life-long city resident, Tony attended Dodson Elementary, Meyers High School, Luzerne County Community College, and King's College.

In college, Tony majored in Social Sciences and minored in Education. To pay for college, Tony worked on the production line at the Stegmaier Brewery. He received his BA in Social Sciences and his Pennsylvania Professional Teaching Certificate in 1973 from King’s College.

After graduating King's College, Tony became a social studies teacher for the Wilkes-Barre Area School District. He then worked for Wilkes-Barre City's Department of Flood Control during the late 1970s.

Tony George completed the Pennsylvania State Police Academy's ACT 120 Municipal Police Officer Training in 1979, graduating first in his class.

Tony joined the Wilkes-Barre City Police Department in 1979 as a Patrolman and was promoted to Sargent then to Lieutenant. In 1996, Tony was promoted to Captain. After 20 years with the Department, Tony was promoted to Deputy Chief of Police in 1999 and to Chief of Police in 2001. 

Tony is a 1996 graduate of Leadership Wilkes-Barre. He was elected to City Council in January 2012.

Tony George is currently employed by the Wilkes-Barre Career and Technical Center as a School Resource officer. He has held that position for the past 11 years.

Boot Licking Bobble Head Brown

A vote for George Brown is a vote for Leighton

Luzerne County DA    

Vote Vito Deluca (D) over the "Child DA" who used deceptive TV ads to buy her position.

DeLuca announces plan in Times Leader   HERE

Vito Deluca... Over 20 years of court room experience. Attorney DeLuca went to school locally at King's where he finished the highly touted accounting program. He then broadened his horizons at Pitt Law School. He has the unique perspective of seeing the business and legal aspects of a case. Our county needs the broad shoulders, seasoning, and sagacity of Vito DeLuca. 

         Vito Deluca... married and devoted father of two sons.

    speaks for itself

Tom Malloy (Cross filed. You can vote for him as a Republican or Democrat)

His opponent: We should not have to guess about the sobriety of our Magistrates or if they will show up for work. NO MORE NEPOTISM !!

Sam Troy (D)
Republicans can write him in to win in their party. This would mean he would win in.
May. Sam is a long time activist who should be rewarded.

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