Monday, April 13, 2015

See John Leighton ( swearing at me

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NOTE:  Message to me from this address: John Leighton (

Message:  "You are such an asshole"
from:John Leighton
to:Mark Robbins 
date:Mon, Apr 13, 2015 at 10:34 AM
subject:Re: Mayoral candidate George Brown's signs vandalized

I face a jury trial in front of the State Attorney General for a harassment charge in which no one has any proof over what I said briefly over the phone as I questioned someone with a filthy mouth and web postings. (This case was aided, abetted, and manufactured by corrupt WBPD under Dessoye).

There is more evidence above against John Leighton than there is against me and the ENTIRE case. I kid you not.

My attorney gave me odds of losing my case:  Zero %

So... does this warrant harassment charges? This is a far graver communication because we can prove it. So charges should be filed against John Leighton. 

It is corruption gone undeterred that leads to these embarrassing circumstances for the police and DA. Everyone covers for the corrupt police chief.

I will report how this all turns out. I will report the collusion that has taken place and the other mischief. Right up the chain. Nothing will be held back. 

This will include a searing complaint to the state disciplinary board. Never back a man to the point where there is "freedom cause there is nothing left to lose." My next court appearance since attacking corruption will be my ninth. That's it. I have had it.

There is a S--t storm of truth comin at ya and ya better duck. 

George Brown obviously does not want us to know who is funding his campaign... after all he is a week late and is being fined every day!
Rosen, Jenkins, and Greenwald?  Aiding the corrupt and all comers since 1954.
Who is paying for the suits, George?


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