Sunday, July 27, 2014

Judge and staff give thousands to Leighton

Am I the only one who is uncomfortable with ...
(A) a Judge and his staff giving thousands of dollars to Leighton?
(B) Leighton receiving money from 2 magistrates (one former)?
(C) the very apparent "pay to play" that exists?

And this only includes "reported" contributions.

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To be fair - this money was given before the 6 federal investigations (my unofficial count):

(1) The raid on the WB police station The raid on the WB police station over a year ago (Presumably for LAG records or lack thereof.
(2) The "bait car"sting (The "bait money" that Glodzik took and was found guilty for)
(3) The Credit Union investigation(The Credit Union investigation that had the Manager commit suicide
(4) (Gas Gate where Leighton was photographed taking gas
(5) The Parking Authority The Parking Authority grand jury probe (JJ Murphy receiving $300 per hr)
(6) The raid on Sherman Hills where records were taken away in a truck.

   Therer may be many more that I am not aware of. Put together one theme stands out: RICO !!

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