Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Vote for BETSY SUMMERS like your home depended on it - it just might.

By an 11 to 5 margin, the common sense solution that is "Bill 76" 
is favored by state reps.

Please see my simple graphs below. The ONLY reasons anyone could be against Bill 76:
1) Your representative is economically / financially illiterate
2) There is something they aren't telling you (somebody is benefitting).

Obviously Pashinski doesn't mind seeing people forced from their homes as the school tax base crumbles. But then again - he is tied tightly to the corrupt alcoholic Leighton who hasn't paid us back for the gas he stole. . Who knows what is up his sleeve?

Vote for BETSY SUMMERS like your house depended on it - it just might. 

For the record... I am a democrat. But my conscience guides me to choose the best candidate and to oppose corruption. I am beholden to no one and have received no money for my efforts. In fact I have helped a great number of people.

"Wheelchair bound resident in tears."    See Times Leader article HERE
"Tears over taxes in County Court."       See Times Leader article  HERE  


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