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Three corrupt / crazed "former law enforcement" nonprofits

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SUNRISE, FLORIDA (BROWARD COUNTY):  Five agents were shot and two were killed in the early morning on Feb 3, 2021. The agents had a search warrant for a middle aged man involved in child porn. 

I bring this horrible incident up to make a point. The “takeaway” here is that hunting perpetrators in the sex crimes / trafficking criminal world is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. And significant manpower is needed for just a single raid. 

Therefore, the vigilante group (former Navy Seals, CIA Operatives etc.) that allegedly claim to rescue many kids in both domestic and faraway lands are not telling the truth.

I discuss three of these groups below:

(1) Operation Underground Railroad (national)
OUR is under investigation

(2) Phantom Rescue (Pompano Beach in Broward County)

(3) Saved in America (California based)
Saved in America is under investigation


A national organization
The "OUR" Home Page is HERE


     "OUR" is a national organization (embraced by QAnon which is explained explained further down) based out of Utah. The CEO, Timothy Ballardis a member of the Mormon church. In 2015 "OUR" received national TV (CBS) exposure by helping rescue kids in Colombia. This was legit. However, They have parlayed this event in order to exaggerate the little they have achieved since this rescue. There entire nonprofit appears to stand on this one event. There was also an attempted rescue endeavor in Haiti.  
     I have researched the Timothy Ballard's published reports and videos (at least twelve) and I can tell you that is that he spends an ample amount of time on the speaking circuit. I see no indication that "OUR" has ever set foot in the countries they claim to "help." These are overseas counties. 
     The flimsy claim of "helping" other countries is so vague and feeble that it provides no assurance of material efforts. "Helping" may simply entail sending "thoughts and prayers." 

Found in footnotes in their financials

A) Operation Underground Railroad
 has accumulated approximately $30,000,000 (yes, $30 million) in stock funds.  This is written clearly in their financial footnotes in the above diagram (circled). Why isn't money going to operations? The most logical explanation is that there are essentially very few or no operations to fund. "OUR" is enriching themselves by investing donations in the stock market. 

      B) In the diagram above you can read that "OUR" owns a for profit business. Security and tactical operations are the claims of this company. Why aren't these activities (if they actually do exist) included in the nonprofit. Based on this structure I believe that "OUR" IS NOT a legitimate nonprofit as profits raised from the for profit business mat be laundered through the nonprofit to avoiding paying axes. 

      C) Separate orgs do not belong under one "nonprofit" umbrella. They should be separated. As it is, profits for the for profit business could be laundered through the nonprofit to escape paying taxes. I have never come across a nonprofit set up this way. Consider... what if the SPCA owned PET SMART? How would revenues and donations be tracked if the entities are comingled.  

     D) Other problems arise in that foreign rescues must be sanctioned by the host country. Snatching kids is perilous. The trafficking rings have armed security. If a child is mistakenly withheld then kidnapping charges may ensue.

     E) "OUR" makes the incredible and fantastical claim that they have dogs located around the U.S. capable of sniffing out files and disks with child abuse/ trafficking information on them. 
   - No dogs are capable of this task.
  - My research shows that there are not the number of dogs that they claim.

     F) The stated career opportunities of "OUR" are a sham.  Opportunities almost entirely consist of fundraising. 


      G) Trump and QAnon    Timothy Ballard has spoken at least one Trump event. "OUR" has also become the darling of QAnon. Why? Perhaps because QAnon required in their delusional way at least one org to put their faith in. QAnon espouses ideas so that are so ridiculous that any reasonable person would consider the ideas preposterous. They profess the existence of an elite-driven cabal of satanic pedophiles which can only be stopped by a coming storm in which Trump assumes the role as savior. 


(2) Phantom Rescue is a deceptive Broward County nonprofit that claims to be comprised of an elite group of former law enforcement officials. A group such as this would not have the wide swath of government "intelligence" to track victims. Their web site presents action photos of sky diving and other military maneuvers which has nothing to do with rescuing victims. The legality of operating in foreign countries which would create roadblocks for any nonprofit. In short, the claims are preposterous.

The following pictures have been posted by Phantom Rescue. They are irrelevant to sex trafficking and look as though they have been photoshopped. 

Above: Massive video screen appears photo-shopped over bldg.

1) Note that he phantom rescue sign either does not fit on the truck or was photoshopped (look at top left corner of sign).
2) Note the tail in the air appears to be attached to the spare tire. Likely photoshopped. 
3) Who exactly are the Asian looking soldiers? Are they part of Phantom Rescue? They are not mentioned in any part of the Phantom Rescue site.
4) What are the two circles on the sidewalk? They are not "flush" with the sidewalk. What are they? 

Sex trafficking children are NOT saved by skydiving. Never. Ever. This is so far fetched it is cartoonish. 


More on Phantom Rescue: 

Financials are HERE

  (One member Tony Sparks; Two total Board members)
Some information has been removed from their site. 

-Examples: Offices in Malta and Australia (may have been removed)
- Documented rescues = ZERO
- A former claim was that Tony Sparks visited 700 countries. There exist only 196 countries in the world.

- Paid $50 k to a charity called Kristi House in Miami.
- Tony Sparks was placed on the Board same year in 2016. This reflects very poorly on Kristi House. 

2016  (latest year available as of this writing)
 $72k   Contributions, gifts, grants etc.
($60k)  Salary for  Tony Sparks
($14k)  Professional fees
($10k)  Other expenses
($50k)  Payment to sex trafficking rehab house called Kristi House
- Tony Sparks given a Board seat at Kristi House
($62k)   Loss

How does one "travel the world with these figures?

The emergency hot line does not work... at least the one to Malta where Sparks claims there is (was) an office. Also Australia.

Like other Broward County orgs - FBI Agent Adam Granit is the overseer. Adam Granit has literally covered for ALL of the corrupt nonprofits in Broward County. A despicable man. 


(3) SAVED IN AMERICA (California)

Another nonprofit claiming the help of navy seals and former law enforcement. 

A)  Below please see snippets of news story. Article HERE  

B.  San Diego County cancels $2 M contract

Founder, Joseph Travers, sued for fraud

California State Attorney asked to investigate

See image below

C.  RESCUES of a runaway found is NOT the same as a sex trafficking rescue.  

The fact that they create an impression of saving many sex trafficked kids, in my opinion, speaks directly to their credibility.

They have received enormous sums of money from what I consider fraud.  

See article HERE

Web site link to donors... HERE
The one donor listed does not, in my opinion, seem to be a legitimate donor. It is a web page.  

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