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JJ Murphy approached me in 2012 as part of a "schmooze tour" to quell the flames started by me when I exposed a massive city enabled auto theft ring. I did not buy into it an was vindicated completely by the results.

Leo Glodzik (LAG Towing... "Cars for Cash") is set to receive 30 months in federal prison.
Wilkes-Barre Chief Gerard Dessoye
(1) Was forced to resign because of his support for "Cars for Cash" as well as his "friendly" contact with a woman, a felon who was a running a major drug house. 
(2) Dessoye then resigned from King's College Head of Security because of his predatory nature towards gals young enough to be his daughter.
Former Mayor Leighton's rap sheet is so long I will leave you with one anecdote. Citizens of Wilkes-Barre posted a billboard of the Mayor stealing city gas (happened too many time to count. Here it is...

How much gas was stolen?
Enough to drive around the earth 27 times!

Anti-corruption activists like Frank Sorick and I have gone as far as we can. On the backs of our work and local news articles, JJ MURPHY is being exposed across the country. When Scranton FBI Director Quinn makes such bold statements he indicates a cause for action which should include arrests, indictments, and imprisonment. 

U.S. Attorney Peter J Smith allegedly served as an impediment to justice. He is now gone. It is time that criminals pay. 
- Former WB Mayor Tom Leighton
- Former Chief of Police Gerard Dessoye
- Head of Luzerne County Detectives Mike Dessoye
- District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis
- Asst DA Sam Sanguedolce 
- Pa State Police Captain James Degnan
- King's College President James Ryan and more... Anyone who covers up a felony becomes a felon them self. It is that simple. How many felonies have been covered up (to include stolen cars)? One thousand would be a low estimate. 

Remember JJ Murphy trying to scam up to $1100 per hour for parking authority (parking lots) business. Well JJ Murphy can run but he cannot hide (he was former WB city Manager).

MURPHY = $300 per hour
FOX ROTHCHILD (Philadelphia) = $400 per hour
MURRAY UFBERG (Solicitor) = $200 per hour (an approximation)
TOTAL = $ 1,100 per hour !!    A $38,000 tab!!
NOTE: When Murphy was exposed he Never again showed his face at a public Wilkes-Barre Parking Authority meeting. Draw your own conclusion. 

GOALS CONSULTING? In the opinion of many, an apocryphal business set up by JJ Murphy to deceive and add a false sense of legitimacy.

NEWSPAPER HEADLINES in TEXAS (The Killeen Daily Herald: Local News)Red flags begin to surface on city manager finalists.

Read News article HERE which makes multiple references to Wilkes-Barre.

Background on JJ MURPHY and dealings in Wilkes-Barre... CLICK HERE

Personal Criminal Complaint prepared in 2012 against JJ Murphy

Wilkes-Barre Taxpayer’s Association c/o President Frank Sorick

125 Waller St
Wilkes-Barre, PA  18702
prepared by Mark Robbins  (570) 592-3246 

On behalf of Wilkes-Barre Taxpayer’s Association officers…

·       President: Frank R Sorick  (570) 574-6395
·       Vice-President: Tom Hirko
·       Secretary: Ellen Evers
·       Communications Coordinator: Dorene Schutz
·       Parliamentarian: Linda J. Urban
·       Treasurer: Karen Ceppa-Hirko
11-1-01 Magisterial District Judge
Judge Cronauer
100 Hazle St  Wilkes-Barre Pa  18702
Phone (570) 825-7373

Dear Magisterial District Judge Cronauer:

            We, the Wilkes-Barre Taxpayer’s Association, would like to file a complaint against JJ Murphy (30 Reliance Drive in Wilkes-Barre 18702) according to Chapter 39 of the Pa Code; specifically  #  3922 – theft by deception.

            Mr. Cronauer, we respectfully ask that you recuse yourself due to your past relationship with Mayor Thomas Leighton who has been a party to these allegations.

            We also ask that the District Attorney recuse itself and send forward to the Attorney General. We say this because of the personal relationships between the Mayor Leighton and Detectives Noone and Dessoye.

Chapter 39 of PA Code   § 3922 - Theft by deception.

        (a)  Offense defined.  A person is guilty of theft if he intentionally obtains or withholds property of another by
deception. A person deceives if he intentionally:
(1)  creates or reinforces a false impression, including false impressions as to law, value, intention or other state of mind; but deception as to a person's intention to perform a promise shall not be inferred from the fact alone that he
did not subsequently perform the promise;
(2)  prevents another from acquiring information which would affect his judgment of a transaction; or 
(3)  fails to correct a false impression which the deceiver previously created or reinforced, or which the deceiver knows to be influencing another to whom he stands in a fiduciary or confidential relationship.

We believe that a case can be made for (1) JJ Murphy intentionally obtaining property (money) via deception, (2) preventing others from acquiring this information, (3) and failing to correct a false impression.

OVERBILLING ISSUE   Essentially this an overbilling issue based on deception and fraud. Precedent was set for deception in the following ways (some of these issues discussed more on next page):
1)      JJ Murphy billed the public at $ 300/hour for calls from Newspapers inquiring about his obscene pay rate.
2)      Murphy also billed the at $ 300/hour for conversing with the Mayor on same issue (see last time sheet)
3)      Murphy lied to the newspapers when he claimed picking his brother’s (Patrick’s) law firm was coincidental.
4)      Murphy hid his pay rate (charged through Fox Rothschild) from the public and the Parking Authority
5)      After $34,800 in pay, Murphy has yet to show any written work, calculations, valuations etc…
6)      For 8 days work, he charged $16,800. His times sheets reflect projects through # 9… but # 5 is missing.
7)      The only document issued, the RFQ (Request for Qualifications), was issued by Fox Rothschild (not Murphy)

We ask for:    1) A full audit of his JJ Murphy’s time sheets to include phone records and verifications of time worked.
2) An investigation into Murphy deceptively naming his own pay rate without consent of the Parking   Authority. Murphy secretly embedded his pay/pay rate within a law firm Can it get any more deceptive?
Summary of the proposed lease of the W-B Parking Authority and the players involved

W-B Mayor Thomas Leighton is the ringleader. He had a bird’s eye view of the scam and is letting it play out. He is proposing to lease the W-B parking authority to a private concern and is asking a ridiculous fee of $20,000,000. The Parking Authority has a cash balance and Leighton is distributing the money to his campaign contributors. All the parties below are in on the action.

JJ Murphy, former City Administrator, asked Leighton to pick his brother’s (Patrick Murphy’s) law firm (Fox Rothschild) for the project. The Parking authority claimed that Leighton “pushed this firm” on them. The parking Authority:       
A) Was never told the JJ Murphy had any connection to the Fox Rothchild’s firm
B) When questioned by the press, Murphy said picking Fox Rothschild was a coincidence.
C) The Parking Authority was not informed of Murphy’s embedded, outrageous fees of $300/hour (below).

JJ Murphy (and/or his consulting company “Goals Consulting.”), in a most deceptive way, embedded/concealed/hid payments to himself within the bills issued by the Fox Rothschild law firm to the W-B Parking Authority. These bills were paid by the Wilkes-Barre parking authority which had no knowledge that $300 per hour was going to Murphy. Herein lies the deception (at least part of it). Upon receipt of the payments made by the Parking Authority, JJ Murphy (and/or “Goals Consulting”) took his “cut.” At $300 per hour, Murphy has received at least $34,800 in 2012 from Fox Rothschild.  

When “word got out” that Murphy was being paid $300 per hour (now$ 400) – people were stunned. W-B City Council members were shocked. The Parking Authority was surprised. Even police on the street were taken aback (and understandably angered). It made headlines in two papers.

The Fox Rothschild law firm (Philadelphia) is represented by Alan Wohlstetter. He has fleeced the parking authority by spending over $110,000 dollars. What do we have to show for that money?
A)     Ads in trade magazines and
B)     A poorly crafted “RFQ” (Request for Qualifications). See http://www.wilkes-barre.pa.us/forms/parkRFQ.pdf .  
The $ 20 M price is a misrepresentation. On page 6 a revered consultant (Desman) is referenced. Yet Leighton dropped Desman because they valued the parking authority “way lower than $20 M” (according to Ed Katarsky who sits on the Authority’s board and was present for the conference call). Leighton then issued a “gag order” on whoever heard this figure.
This report is nothing but a “data dump.” There are no numbers to support the insane valuation of $20 M.

Murray Ufberg is the Solicitor for the Parking Authority. He plays the role as the “good company man” to Leighton. For example, an “RFP” (Request for Proposal of Services) must be issued on any proposal greater than $10,000. This would include the hiring of Fox Rothschild. Ufberg should have insisted that this project be put up for bid. This is the legal and correct way. Ufberg ignored this legality. As a result, Fox Rothschild was hired illegitimately as a place where JJ Murphy could embed/conceal/launder payments to himself.

Thus far the wealth has been spread generously: Two law firms, two consultants, a PR firm (Shelley), and City hall have all been involved. I believe that I know, perhaps more than any other private citizen, how much corruption is taking place. You see I used to do this work. Once you understand the financial tools for valuations (Payback Period, Internal Rate of Return, Net Present Value, Discounted cash Flows etc.) one begins to realize that it is not too difficult. You may find this hard to believe… but I used to do valuations such as these in as little as an hour… and I did them routinely.
  • Lehigh University Masters in Business Administration MBA (4.0 GPA/Valedictorian)
  • Certification in Management Accounting (CMA)
  • Certification in Financial Management (CFM)
  • Wake Forest  Economics  BA
  • Equities Trader
  • Career as Senior Financial Analyst for Fortune 200 Company
  • Career as Senior Financial Analyst for National Retailer

The depth of their research has been something like this: If Indianapolis got “x,” then I think we could get “y.” This isn’t research… it’s a stab in the dark. Not surprisingly, the only legitimate consultant (Desman) gave a number nowhere near $20M and was summarily fired!  We can’t mortgage Wilkes-Barre’s future on 10th grade analyses and gag orders! A critical first step is to prosecute those who steal by deception and who plunder public money.  

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