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When the "crew" of anti-corruption activists heard that WB Police Chief Gerard Dessoye was opting for several "cushy" jobs we mobilized. I, and many others, wrote letters to the various places that Dessoye was hoping to land a job through his crony friends. The letters worked. PennDot was one of these places.

(Kara Templeton; PennDOT Director - Bureau of Driver Licensing)
(see narrative below)

Our big misgiving is that we are left with a police chief who, sources say, suffers from a physical, mental, moral, emotional, and spiritual disease. The only one to replace him - Leighton - allegedly suffers from the same disease.

We wrote letters because we feel that that positions should go to those who earned them fair and square - and not a result of having crony friends or drinking buddies.  

I have been a favorite target of Dessoye. He is actually quoted in the Times Leader as saying "Everyone is free to walk behind the police station - except Robbins." (I guess he does need a spokesman). I was the only person ever to be charged with trespassing (because I uncovered the LAG loaner program).

Please know that I tried to help Dessoye beat the horrible disease a few years ago when I contacted his doctor (who is also mine) and asked that the addiction problem be addressed. I contacted others as well. Nobody would help him. Nobody can say I didn't try. 

I was threatened by Bill Vinsko. Good job, Bill... is Dessoye any better off now that you covered for him?

I want to provide a brief description of what I am currently being charged with by WB police.

8 points on my license
847 dollar fine
55 day suspension

Why? Because I was boxed in a parking space at Motorworld in a downpour and would later find out that I scratched a car and bumped a bumper). I covered the damage 100 % when I found out what happened (less than $2,000 for both together).

I never did see the other cars but I was glad that the owners were made "whole" as fast as I could help them. What I do know is the damage done to my car. Please see pictures below. 2 month suspension?

The "Carnage"
(tiny white specks below)

Here is where it might get interesting...

PennDOT was one of the potential employers Dessoye was hoping to be hired by and to whom we wrote letters. He didn't get the job - but he certainly had some "friends" there.

My attorney and I have had the misfortune of dealing with Kara Templeton (Director; Bureau of Driver Licensing). This I find inetresting...

1) She speaks about me to my attorney in the 3rd person like she knows of me. Gee... how would that be?

2) She said was going to send me a letter to take a points test.
She lied. In a very big way. Instead she sent me a letter suspending my license for 55 days beginning in December.

SHE DID THIS DESPITE ME HAVING A DE NOVO (fresh; as if there is no history) HEARING THIS WEEK!!!

She is assigning punishment BEFORE my day in court.

Rather bizarre... don't you think? 

Kara N Templeton's mumber at Penn Dot is 1-800-942-3926

Does Dessoye know her?
Have they talked about my case?
Has Dessoye instructed her how to (mis)handle my case?
Why did she lie to me?
Was Officer Wolf (officer who told me of damage the night of incident) ordered to give me two tickets for "fleeing" the same scene?

Apparently Leighton and company couldn't put enough pressure on the Times Leader to run a story of the "minor hit and run" on page 3. A "hit and run" while boxed in... I guess that I cheated the laws of physics.

I suggest the Independent Gazette and the Times Leader and Citizens Voice get answers to the questions I posed. Don't let Leighton bully you like he did the TL.

As for me... I knew fighting corruption comes with risk of retaliation. If Leighton and Dessoye win a Pyrrhic victory then so be it. I have so much goodwill built up and I have been offered rides for every day of the week. I have made large monetary sacrifices thus far and may have to make other sacrifices as well. It is not fun but it is worth it. If not for a few of us - then who? 

PS   As a result of my hearing I had one of the tickets thrown out. I received a $427 refund and I currently have only two points on my license.

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