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(Kings continued below)
 Is it memory loss due to drinking?   Or just an outright lie?

09/04/2014   CITIZENS VOICE: Dessoye said he was only criticized in reference to LAG after his officers ordered the tow of the vehicle of a person he did not identify by name (Mark Robbins).
“That’s why I got drug into the LAG issue, because an individual’s car was towed and I defended my officers (for ordering the tow),” Dessoye said. That person, Mark Robbins, has become a vocal critic of Dessoye.

1) The FBI triggered an unannouced FBI raid on the WBPD... and Dessoye says his involvement in LAG was only because of me? This doesn't even make sense... hence one must question his sanity and/or sobriety and/or his honesty. Something is amiss. 
2) Who is telling the truth? Dessoye or me? Look what appears on the polygraph test. I took a polygraph test after the debacle at LAG Towing. The volcanic tempers of the cops and Glodzik signaled something was very wrong there. I also knew that the WBPD would call me liars (like Dessoye infers above). And they did. Ken Jones claimed there were only two cops there... not four. He ate his words when I showed a picture of who was there.

The issue was not the tow but that LAG destroyed my steering. Here are the results of the test. The last question was Glodzik's bid to have me commit insurance fraud.

(KINGS COLLEGE CONTINUED)  Kings hired one of the most corrupt police chiefs imaginable to be head of KINGS security. We wonder how the 45 members of KINGS security feel about reporting to an alcoholically impaired chief? What died? KING's integrity, their honesty, their sense of fair play, and their adherence to moral principles.
This organization (WBTPA) will no longer address Father Ryan as "Father." He is now simply "Ryan" as we believe he should be defrocked. Prior posts in this blog have provided mountains of evidence casting a black cloud over the character and probity of WBPD Chief Gerard Dessoye. No sane and honest man could hire Dessoye. As such, the WBTPA believe that this hiring is a reciprocal arrangement to some favor KINGS has received from the city (Leighton et al.).

The fact that this favor ism't named gives the appearance of impropriety. It's dirty. The deal is dirty. KINGS is dirty.

Honorable alumni of KINGS COLLEGE... please investigate RYAN. Your reputation is at stake.

FBI    They were contacted last week of August
KINGS COLLEGE  We request an internal investigation from the many board members/ alumni who must be outraged. 
SCRANTON DIOCESE   Bishop Joseph C Bambera    Link HERE

Below...  from TIMES LEADER posts. Approximately 100 posts were deleted because (allegedly) Dessoye wanted them taken down. 

Puff and Fluff. I give the TL a year before they are out of business. Nobody wants to read this crap (article about Dessoye). A balanced article provides pros and cons. Can anyone spot a "con" in this article? This is jourmalistic trash.

Dessoye (who I never even heard of before LAG Towing scandal) is a deeply flawed, addicted, and corrupt individual. He was forced out. Everyone knows this. Why would a 57 yr old man take a $30,000 pay cut? THE TIMES LEADER IS LETTING THE PEOPLE DOWN WHEN THEY DON'T ACT AS WATCHDOG. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT PART OF ANY HEALTHY COMMUNITY. THE PRESS MUST PLAY THIS ROLE. THEY HAVE FAILED US YET AGAIN.

Hey, Jerry Lynott! Are you a King's grad too?? (Assuming you have an education.) Where did all the other comments go that called Kings on the carpet over hiring this disgusting, corrupt POS? Are you protecting someone??

Yeh, Jerry, ( and your genius editors)......where are all of the other comments? There were some EXCELLENT comments posted earlier today and I think that's the reason why they were zapped. Thank God, that no one relies on this publication to get real news. It only serves as a useful tool to dedicated posters who enjoy communicating with each other. AS we know, the REAL news is found somewhere else.

The Dessoye and Leighton family of funny business. Take a hard look at these families and see the blatant corruption. FBI please save us and return WB to a respectable city.

Too much heat! The people are speaking up and the truth is coming out. The radio shows won't touch this as it seems there is a gag order in place. Stay tuned.

Good riddance and take your brother with you!!!

crook! liar, cheater, and now he will be playing with priests. I hope he comes up on criminal charges real soon. No way this is a coincidence.

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