Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Why Jim Payne should still be with us

So sad what corruption does!

See link for WB Indendent Gazette HERE 

See link to Wake up Wilkes-Barre blog HERE
(Good story on broken Hawkeye camera system)

Would you take $3,200 for this car worth $2,000?

GLODZIK would not accept this when I offered 
to pay off the fines for Senta Boyer

So... was a loan taken out on this car which prevented 
Glodzik from returning it? Looks that way.

Is this why approximately 10 cops showed up when
I took a picture of the Dodge Ram? What were they so scared
of? Just a "loaner" car? I don't think so.

And why did it take a month for the cop to put the truck in his name?

(RT  stands for "Repair/Towing." This was Glodzik's tag)

How open and wide-spread was this "fraudulent loan" scam?
 Credit union members were actually soliciting city employees with cash if the employee would allow the member to use their car as collateral for a loan.


If it were this out in the open...
do you think Chief Gerard Dessoye knew? DUH

If Duh-Soye acted as he should have as police chief...
this scam would have ended quickly. Instead - like all scams under Dessoye - this scam grew unhindered.

Should Jim Payne still be alive?

In my opinion - yes... he would still be alive
had Dessoye acted as a leader.




Dessoye's “red flags." On his watch the followong occurred...

… the horrific “Cars for Cash” (Lag Towing scandal) scandal
… Dessoye did not maintain LAG records despite it being required in the city contract
… Loaner vehicles or “bribe vehicles” were illegally being used by cops (from LAG). Dessoye did nothing.
… An old heroin-addicted girlfriend of Dessoye’s ran a drug house with immunity. I have the police reports filed.
… the two cops indicted in the Credit Union case were active cops under Dessoye
… It is widely known that Dessoye cannot and could not be counted on after a certain time of night allegedly due to drinking
… his police station was raided by the FBI (see below). What does this tell you?  
… the murder rate in 2013 put Wilkes-Barre on par with Newark or Camden

In addition, according to the WBTPA, there are seven ongoing federal investigations against the city and/or police. These all occurred on Dessoye’s watch.

7 Federal Investigations

(1)            Federal raid two years ago on WB police (LAG?)

(2)            Federal raid on Credit union (commenced)

(3)            Federal jurisdiction over Gas Gate

(4)            Federal Investigation into Parking Authority

(5)            Federal Raid on Sherman Hil

         (6)      Federal raid on LAG business in Duryea (August 2014)

(7)  Federal Grand Jury set up for City Vest

                        and ... Conviction of Leo Glodzik of LAG Towing in FBI Sting

                 My goal weight to get back to

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